Plymouth: National City of Culture 2013 ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by lsadirty, Jul 15, 2009.

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    Heard some stupidity in my time, this takes the biscuit. Haven't laughed so much since grannie caught her t1ts in the mangle !! :D :D :D
  2. Must admit that was my initial reaction, but maybe...


    You're right.
  3. And mine - thought, kin ell the Herald telling jokes.
  4. The American tourists turn up, and what culture do they get ? Fight of the week live from the Strasse Saturday night, the Travellers chariot races around their site at Efford on Sunday, the stampede to the post office in Swilly to get their benefits on Monday. Kinnell, by the time Friday comes around, they'll be all cultured out !!!
  5. In all fairness, If Liverpool got away with, it isn’t that daft a proposal, is it?
  6. Culture? Plymouth?

    That was a tea spluttering over keyboard moment!
  7. Plymouth lost the last of it's cultural heritage when Diamond Lills closed :p
  8. Spot on slim :eek:ccasion5:
  9. Perhaps the scanking little tw*t who stole my camcorder out of my car in 2005 would like to vid all the cultural events and send me the film. DVD.
    He wrecked the fcukin boot getting in ferkin pikey. :evil: :evil:
  10. More culture in a pot of yoghurt FFS
  11. Read it all here.

    [​IMG]Plymouth was used for Nuclear testing in 1961
  12. Any City that's twinned with a derelict heap of shite
    somewhere in Poland can't be all bad.

    After all........they all came over here and opened
    f***ing Car Washing factories on deserted petrol
    station wasteland.

    Clever people. :D
  13. Shows they are enterprising and nationals lazy bastrds
  14. Oxcy Moron :D

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