Plymouth: National City of Culture 2013 ?


War Hero
The American tourists turn up, and what culture do they get ? Fight of the week live from the Strasse Saturday night, the Travellers chariot races around their site at Efford on Sunday, the stampede to the post office in Swilly to get their benefits on Monday. Kinnell, by the time Friday comes around, they'll be all cultured out !!!


War Hero
Perhaps the scanking little tw*t who stole my camcorder out of my car in 2005 would like to vid all the cultural events and send me the film. DVD.
He wrecked the fcukin boot getting in ferkin pikey. :evil: :evil:


It's a common misconception that Plymouth was formed so that the Government of the United Kingdom could ship all of the UK's Scum to one location. Although to the casual visitor this may appear to be the case, they are mistaken... it's easy to confuse Plymouth and Rhyl. Especially by the smell.
The typical Plymouth family unit is not unique just to the city and follows a general national pattern. It normally consists of a mother (called Shaz, Trace, Kelly or Shell and generally under the age of 16). Each mother has between two to four kids. Boys are named Wayne, Shane, Ashley, Ryan or Tyler and for the girls: Ashleigh, Courtney, Chelsie, Keeley or Paige. Fathers are normally absent because they are either in a young offenders institute for stealing White Lightning from the local Co-op or each kid has a different father and it’s a physical impossibility to get them all in the house at the same time. In Honicknowle and Whitleigh it is compulsory for kids under the age of ten to have ASBOs.
Read it all here.

Plymouth was used for Nuclear testing in 1961


War Hero
Any City that's twinned with a derelict heap of shite
somewhere in Poland can't be all bad.

After all........they all came over here and opened
f***ing Car Washing factories on deserted petrol
station wasteland.

Clever people. :D


BillyNoMates said:
Any City that's twinned with a derelict heap of shite
somewhere in Poland can't be all bad.

After all........they all came over here and opened
f***ing Car Washing factories on deserted petrol
station wasteland.

Clever people. :D
Shows they are enterprising and nationals lazy bastrds
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