Plymouth: Making the Most of Devil's Point

About my only real link to the Navy is that I live in Plymouth and can see the dockyard out of my study!

As a place to live, I love it although some of the inhabitants can occasionally leave something to be desired and the football team needs to get a grip. One of its biggest problems though is the utter failure to exploit the awesome natural position in which it is built. Views and scenery that are the equal of almost any in the country just seem to be ignored.

in recent years there have been some small improvements though and it is nice to things like the Scott memorial, Devonport Park and the Plym Valley trail being turned into nice public places.

Devil's Point Park has also had some work done to it but it is still pretty poor. I'm therefore really pleased to see that the plan to link it to the Royal William Yard via a staircase looks certain to be given the go ahead. This will also mean that the Coast Path gets routed through it which I think must be a good thing.

devils_point_staircase (1).jpg

No idea what I'm talking about - more info here
That's splendid news, often used to play around Devils Point and used to attend the Cubs Unit on Durnford Street. Guzz has so much to offer, Bogie Knights should become a national treasure as should swimming baths a Mount Wise.
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If that,s just steps that's me screwed, but still a good idea, I,ve been on holiday in guzz for over 35yrs, I like it here


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Guzz is awesome, I really enjoyed my time living there, I used to go to the Ho on a sunday, buy an icecream from the van up there, walk down the hill past the Citadel, taking note of all the old naval cannons now used as sunken road bollards and just as I finished my icecream (with clotted cream) there's another van so I could but another one :) I'd then have a few scoops down in the barbican. Normally I'd go home for sunday tea but if the beer got the better of me there's always Capt'n Jaspers to sort you out. The bombed out church at the top of the parade used to get me as well (St Andrews?) I grew up on the moor and there was an old track built by German POW's that went right past my house and up to the training grounds used in WW2, as a lad I was always up there digging up old .303 cases, mortar bombs etc, there was also three large bomb craters about 50 meters apart that according to local legend had been caused by a German plane that was meant to have bombed Guzz but got chased by a spitfire and jettisoned it's bombs whilst trying to escape.
Ahh Guzz, what I'd give for a Ron Dewdneys Oggie :)
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