Plymouth Live: "Royal Navy Submariners Face Toughest Seafaring Test"


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"Four serving Royal Navy submariners are preparing to face what is perhaps the toughest of seafaring tests - the remarkable mental and physical challenge of rowing unsupported in a race across the Atlantic Ocean.

The team, HMS Oardacious, will be the first ever official Royal Navy team to take part in the world’s toughest rowing race, the 3,000-mile Atlantic challenge.

They will depart from La Gomera in the Canary Islands next month and are aiming to reach Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua just over a month later."

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Seems a bit excessive to me all that physical effort.

There's a daily flight from Gatwick.
I'm flying there on Sunday - glass of fiz in the hand and a nice meal with real cutlery.
Might have to have a tot in Nelsons Dockyard as well :cool:


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"Matthew Harvey, 33, intends to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Antigua and Barbuda.

He and three Royal Navy submariner colleagues will be pushed to the extremes of endurance as they spend around 40 days in a 28ft fibreglass row boat.

As part of team HMS Oardacious he set out on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge from San Sebastian, in La Gomera, on Thursday morning."



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"Four submariners have completed an epic challenge that saw them row across the Atlantic Ocean, raising more than £100,000 for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

HMS Oardacious made the 3,000-mile journey in 36 days, six hours and 40 minutes, which saw them face 40ft waves, shark-infested waters, busy shipping routes and heavy storms⛈️."

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