Plymouth Live: "Royal Navy And British Army Reduce Presence In Caribbean"


War Hero
"The Royal Navy and British Army have reduced their presence in the Caribbean.

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing ship dock RFA Mounts Bay is permanently based in the region, but her role is now changing from rescuer to law enforcement.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "Britain's permanent naval presence in the Caribbean has waved goodbye to its rescuers – as they prepare to tackle international drug runners.

"RFA Mounts Bay is on a long-term mission assisting Britain’s overseas territories in the region, spending roughly one half of the year ready to respond to natural disasters (chiefly hurricanes and tropical storms), the other half working with US law enforcement agencies dedicated to stopping the flow of illegal drugs from South to North America – and the wider world."



Lantern Swinger
Reduced is the wrong word .. changed is more accurate. Same asset different role outside the hurricane season.


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Hardly news, I was on the Ulster as WI guardship in the 1960's, we kept two frigates on station then.

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