Plymouth hotel plan at Royal William Yard

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by SJRM_RN, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. Part of a former Royal Navy supplies yard in Plymouth is set to become a 60-bed hotel.

    Developer Urban Splash and the Watergate Bay Hotel in north Cornwall have agreed a lease on the clock tower building at the Royal William Yard.

    BBC News - Plymouth hotel plan at Royal William Yard
    (Source: BBC News)
  2. Small thoughts on Plymouth as it stands.

    This is yet another "development" that's aimed at the somewhat-better-minted-than-your-average-person. Certain bits of Stonehouse, and several other areas (including Millbay) are becoming places where ordinary folk feel a bit out of place. Plymouth does not really need another hotel (quality or otherwise) until it sorts out the parts that are falling to pieces and finds some way of turning deserted shops into going concerns. As for students. Well they smashed down the old NAAFI buildiung and built 1st class Student accommodation.
    There's student accommodation everywhere. Affordable housing is sadly lagging behind, and what there is of it...well, a fair proportion is snapped up and rapidly put back out on the rental market. Union Street is a bag of shit and seeing as this avenue is actually the "main drag" into the heart of the city - it's a bit of an embarrasement to say the least. Now the Civic Centre is earmarked for conversion into yet another hotel. It would seem that those in the business of making money think that they can fill these places up with paying guests........perhaps initially, but in the long run?

    I think not.

    (Nice place to live - but my Lottery numbers never match the one's that are called out, so let's just look eh?)

    Royal William Yard, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1, 3 bedroom flat for sale - 28017303 | PrimeLocation
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  3. I don't mind if they keep those historically significant buildings intact. I just hope that they don't completely bugger up the site as they did at VERNON.

    I've never seen a plan for Royal Clarence Yard, Turktown. Anybody know?

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