Plymouth Ghost Town Warning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. the union Unite are claiming that Plymouth would become a ghost town if the Naval base was to be axed in the forthcoming SDSR. No doubt such action would have a sever detrimental effect on the city but I doubt it would become a ghost town.
  2. There might be the ghosts of a few old matelots wandering up and down Union Street once a fortnight on payday getting ratted. :wink:
  3. i think the predictions of plymouth being a ghost town if the naval base closes are entirely accurate and the consequences of closing plymouth would be devestating to the city. In the last 24 hrs i have been to both pompey and plymouth city centres and dockyards and the difference couldnt be more stark. I live in plymouth near the dockyard (stoke) and work in pompey monday to friday so i can draw comparisons on a weekly basis.
    Portsmouth has successfully managed to regenerate itself from when the navy was the main employer and you just have to walk around gunwharf quay, the new housing developments around the admiralty quarter bordering the dockyard wall, the ferry port, spinnaker tower and the what has been done with the historic dockyard etc etc to see how far it has come.
    Plymouth i think is a bit out of sight out of mind where the government and forthcoming defence review is concerned. Its relative remoteness to london compared with portsmouth, reliance upon public sector jobs and lack of other industries and employment doesnt put it in a strong position to overcome the loss of the dockyard and associated activities should that occur. Personally i really like plymouth but i can see i will have to move my family away from here should the naval base close and i become redundant as a consequence of the defence review.
  4. Ghost town?
    Surely the next generation of pre-teen mothers will be working on sorting that out direckly! :wink:
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think you've hit the nail on the head, it will cause an enormous problem in an area of poor employment possibilities.
  6. Driffield in East Yorkshire imploded when the Army School of Mechanical Transport closed at the barracks there and moved to Leconfield,it took about ten years to get away from the feeling it was a ghost town. That has just reminded me the same thing happened in Dunoon when the yanks left.
  7. It can'ytbe far from the truth. I have lived in and around Plymouth for the majority of the last 31 years and it has declined massively over that time. The lean times of no apprenticship training, outside contractors from Stoke (or wherever but outside of the SW), etc played a major part but as identified above the lack of planning foresight has as well. Plymouth missed a major opportunity to become the regional shopping centre of choice when building the new mall (which is actually quite good esp architecturally despite the criticsim levelled at it). If the whole of the dire east end of town including the horrendous lower part of Armada Way had been included, a la Eldon Square, it would have been a vast improvement. The real SW is a backwater, it needs no further evidence that the rebranding of the A38 to the Devon Expressway rather than actually improving road access to the degree required to sustain growth.

  8. The denizens of Plymouth are just worried that without a small but steady influx of new genes in the form of naval ratings, the locals will just become even more inbred than they already are.

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