Plymouth awarded £300million refit contract

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Devonport has been awarded a £300million nuclear submarine refit contract which will secure 1,000 jobs.

  2. Mr Hutton said: "
    Was he at the right press announcement? Whose navy was he on about?

  3. Must be fixing up Yank boats methinks…
  4. Good job they won the contract seeing as how she's already here. Maybe they'll fit proximity detectors the same as cars so she can detect Frog BN's.
  5. They were really fortunate not to lose the work to Portsmouth or Rosyth!
  6. Neither Portsmouth nor Rosyth are licensed to conduct the work which IS being carried out now...........

    This is spin of the first order............

    where the hell else would or could the refuelling be carried out??????????
  7. PINCH. Get away; is that right? Who'd have thought it.
  8. As an aside, is that great big waste of space (and money) empty hole still in Rosyth Dockyard? You know, the one that they hoped would eventually be the V Boat repair dock.

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