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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by matt443, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Hey I am qualified plumber and have been for 5years, I am interested in joining the navy. I wonderd if anyone had any ideas which trade in the navy I'd be most suited to. By lookin on the website I am thinkin marine engineering thanks for any advice.

  2. The Bosun's mate usually takes care of all the Pipes. :wink:

    Failing that ask at the Careers office.
  3. Yes I would say Engineering Tech (marine engineering). they deal with all types of pipework as well as the engines etc.

    The next step for you is to pop into your nearest careers office for further info.


  4. Thanks is the job pretty much the same on a submarine, other then the fact your on a submarine not a boat.
  5. Yes and in the Royal Navy a submarine is actually called a boat and a ship is called a ship and not a boat. :wink: :lol:

    Marine Engineering would probably be the best use of your current skills and utlimately 'chippys party' and shit tanks springs to mind.
  6. Yes, that's why their the same branch, common courses etc :wink:
  7. No, you are on a boat :p

    Edit: Too slow as usual!
  8. Matt443

    Do you know where your nearest Royal Navy Careers Advisors are? They would be a good source of further advice on this. They do regular group presentations for anyone interested in joining or, if you have limited time, you can make an appointment to call in for a chat when it suits you.
  9. brigham600 what do you mean by chippys parts?
  10. "Chippy" is slang for Shipwright.
    They're seagoing plumbers.

    Brigham's not going on about his "parts". Have another read.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Get yourself qualified in Boats and go for the outside wreckers mates job, you'll get all the plumbing and pipework you want matt.

    In reply to your pm, I would recommend boats, after some general service time nowadays, have a look through the threads there is plenty of advice (Submariners section). Witsend or Polto are better placed to give you advice on Boats as I left in 1970.
  12. Thanks janner. I haven 't heard of the outside wreckers mates job. Is that a slang term for another job. By boats we are talking about submarines aren't we sorry if seem abit slow but i was unaware that in the navy boats were referred to as submarines. Thanks for your advice
  13. As you can tell by my name, I was an outside wrecker (an electrical one). Wrecker's look after all the systems not involved with propulsion on the boat such as air purification, hydraulics, HP & LP air, steering and hydroplanes etc and the good old heads and sh1t tank and slop drain tanks (hence my signature), Polto was also part of the wrecking crew but he's brown nosing in Queenie poo's garden at the moment :lol:
  14. Ok thanks how do you apply for this job it doesnt seem to be on any off the career guides. Do you go in as an engineerer and this is just a section of that? Thanks for any help
  15. It's just part of the ME dept, it's down to the boat which section you go on but you'll have to qualify fwd (outside staff) and back aft anyway.
  16. Ok thanks as a marinee engineer in the submarines how was your time split. Were you many at sea or working in the ports as the boats came in for repair.
  17. I was a shortage category as a greenie (Navyspeak for electrician) so I had more sea than shore drafts but had 1 in the workshops and 1 in the QA dept plus my last 3 years at Raleigh
  18. ok thanks I was wondering after you ve been in the submarine for a 2month shift. Do you get any time of after this when you come to the surface?
  19. You don't do "shifts". You're ships company and will be on the boat for anything from 2 to 3 years (I did 4 on my last one as no reliefs) and will take your leave as and when you can depending on the boats programme. Your leave entitlement is the same as everyone else in the mob (covered in other threads). Marine Engineers on boats tend to be operator/maintainers meaning we maintain (in harbour) the gear we operate at sea
  20. Mechanical Wreckers look after those systems. When I served with you any defect not in the electric string resulted in you remaining in your farter. By the way you got rid of that rancid set yet? :lol:

    Have a nice day


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