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Please, urgent advice needed



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We have our RNA account with HSBC, ffing clowns (apart from the milf in Huntingdon Branch)

I'm sure Ninja will be along soon.

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Ninja is welcome, if only I could help. I can't just leave my notice, I had to use leave from work for PRNC and other things for the Navy and used ALL of my leave. If I don't get a sick note, I will owe about £450.00 - I can't afford to do that.

Do they look at files? Or do you think I will be ok, even if they did look?



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Go back to work...and gain as much info as possible about their operation. Ignore the twats bullying you, I was always of the stance, " Lets finish this conversation in the car park, back of the store room etc".
Look for another job, but in the meantime, understand that you will be leaving very soon and enjoy winding the feckers up.
Look for ways of recording any illegal or immoral practices, with the view to reporting it to either the authorities or the press...everyone hates banks so the nastier the story the better.
Go back and enjoy yourself, try to **** the bank over as much as possible. When I left the mob I had a law degree and started working for a firm of they are a bunch of cnuts ! Very quickly I decided that it was a crap job, so spent 3 weeks having a great time trying to bring the firm to it's knees....eventually left on "Gardening Leave" after doing a Clarkson to one of the jumped up tossers..
Had a brilliant time doing this, so don't compromise your future by getting some quack to give you pills and a diagnosis that could **** the rest of your life up !!


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A swift kick in the nuts will bring him down to your size.

To be honest I don't know the full story but I've been in many mess decks and numerous squadrons with dicks like him. However when at sea you can't get away from it and have to just get in with it. As suggested, go back to work, do the job asked for, it may be immoral but is it legal?

How are you going to think about throwing weapons at the bad guys, it's immoral in many people's eyes but legally ok as the government tell us to do it.

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Ok, right.. I'll go back on Monday, I came here for advice and I'll follow the advice. General idea is to return to work, at least I'll get some pay, and I'll have to explain to work I can't get a sick note due to career change.

The actions of HSBC have at times been illegal, one of the reasons that they're in the paper at the moment for money laundering, bad people! haha

I'll go back in on Monday and just work that week, I leave at the end of it anyway. I just hope I don't get pulled in for something and they end my job anyway :( Thanks for everyone's replies, i'll get through it!



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"If you do get a sick note from the doc, make sure he puts on it "Work related stress", or similar phrase".

When it goes to HR, they will be obliged to investigate.

Meanwhile, whilst off sick, pop into a couple of local employment agencies and see if they have any temp work going. Pays better, less stress, less responsibility etc.

Worked for me back in the day.


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Big people fall down stairs everyday...I've seen it a few times, right in front of my very eyes.. It's almost like I'm jinxed !


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1. Don't risk getting any sort of mental issues being committed to paper. It will be extremely difficult in the future to argue your case and you'll have a fine old time justifying why your job in a bank caused you so much stress but you want a job that may very well involve a lot more stress.

2. Don't get caught doing anything that's going to jeopardise your entry into the RN; that includes smacking somebody or stealing company property etc.

3. You've got a couple of months to go, so suck it up Princess. You've managed it so far and have obviously now taken the moral high ground because you've got a new job to go to. That's fine but either (1)stick to your morals, resign and accept the loss of pay or (2)continue what you've been doing for a couple more months and get paid. If it helps you sleep at night, they'll just get someone else to do the job anyway.

4. A doctor's note is not designed to assist you in loafing around for a couple of months, getting paid while you do so. If you're genuinely that stressed that you need to see the doc then by all means do it but realise it will be documented and that may affect your medical assessment for your next job. Don't, however, use stress as an excuse to 'bunk off' unless you're prepared to accept the consequences.

5. My advice would be to turn up for work on Monday, do the job and shut up for the next two months and then enjoy your future in the RN. Doing anything else may very well mean you don't get to see that future.


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Always two sides to everything and taking the moral high ground is commendable, if factually correct & there is a witness and evidence to back the claim. It carries more credibility and vindicates the individual's integrity if you resign & make the reasons known.

The post interview caution, which you signed, states you must notify your AFCO of any changes in circumstances - including medical status. The medical questionnaire also includes a consent form in which you grant access to your medical history.

In short, a history of mental health issues precludes entry for about three years. Failure to disclose a change in medical status can cost you the job & lead to prosecution.

Your future career depends whether your apparent integrity applies to your current job or your future job.


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You're leaving soon to join up right? Good drills there.

Go back to work and carry out your job as per your contract. If they want you to carry out these loathsome tasks, get them to email you the specifics ( i bet they won't). If they don't, do what i do when someone is trying it on, which is email them something like this:

"Dear Tossface (or whatever they're called),

As per our conversation this morning where you requested that you wanted me to carry out (insert task here), do you have any further instructions as to how you wish this to proceed? I just wanted further clarification as i'm not 100% of the process involved here, having never done something like this before and as you are the one requesting it, i would be grateful if you could assist."

If the shit hits the fan, you have it in writing. If they deny all knowledge of the incident, you can say "Well why didn't you respond then?" You won't get a reply by the way. Belmers like this don't want to leave a paper trail so you should. Make it difficult for them without making it look like you're doing it. That's the trick.

Good luck and fuck 'em.


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To add to BR's post, always tick the receipt required box when sending e-mails of that nature. If you use Outlook you'll know if it's been deleted without being read or just read.

Save the receipt and original e-mail and any response, both soft and hard copies, had to rely on them once or twice both in the mob and in civvy street!

MG Maniac

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Not a lot to add except that print out any emails you want to keep as evidence and keep them off the premises ... in case of an unexpected early exit its amazing just how quickly IT access gets shut off so all those emails you've been keeping in a special file are suddenly un-accessible - unless of course you can download them onto a personal flash drive!

Bullying and Harassment is unacceptable in any job particularly when its a senior manager doing the bullying. Keep evidence and then as a parting shot on the way out the door drop the lot firmly in the lap of HR and tell them the reason you are leaving is the unacceptable level of bullying.

The 2 months will go quite quickly ... keep your head down ... watch your back and keep smiling!


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The only thing I'd add is that the interweb isn't as anonymous as many would like to think & social media has caused the demise of many a job & the contents of many a wallet.

Evidence is what is required if embarking upon a public showdown with a multi-national employer in the public domain.

Worth a read:
I would agree mostly with pontius and ninja. However inciting corporate sabotage as some have suggested to the OP is not particularly helpful to them at all, especially when you take into account the numbers of views this forum gets in relation to the number of navy personnel actually registered (as indicated by ninjas PERSEC threads). Just because you hide behind a false name doesn't make you anonymous. If you try to take any action against said bank, openly or incognito they may initiate proceedings against you which could have long term repercussions for you. Keep your head down and crack on. It's nice to know there are people with standards so good luck!


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Frying Pan and Fire. Top Quality bullying is also available in the RN as in all employment. Indeed a 'brisk management style' may even get you right to the top of the greasy pole. Doubly unenjoyable if the bully concerned has a very bad case of 'Small Man syndrome'. So come on the RR Chums, who's the best 'Small Man' you've come across in the Andrew and spin the dit....
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