Please some advice to help me decide what to do next


Hi there peoples there to much I need to ask so I will just start with the main whats the probability of me getting on a ship. lets start I'm from a fishing family both side I have been to sea on various types for fishing boats as far as Norwegian waters and back to across Shetland's but haven't been to sea in a year or so and have never done any real time at sea just trips here and there the longest at a month but have allways been around boat my hole life. I have work ashore as chef/cook and in factors as supervisor if you want to call it that lolz. I have no real qualifications as school was a long time ago ( im 37 just ) I just really want to get back to sea but have no sea going certification ticket so obviously a seaman's apprentice would be the way to go for me but what to people think my actual chance of getting in with the rfa is hope everyone or anyone can help kind regards bizkit
ps I'm brave I can take the bad new lolz


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ps I'm brave I can take the bad new lolz
The thing to remember is that the RFA is part of the government and so we do love our paperwork and processes.

I would hope once all the forms were filled out, assessments done down the recruitment office that someone would see your prior experience as a positive thing.

If you are willing to go through the same hoops as anyone else, you will find we are not prejudiced by age or background. Give it a go, it's worth a punt, but just take the process as seriously as the other applicants (there is a lot of great advice hidden around these forums).
Seabiscuit you could apply for a steward or chef or seamanship apprenitceship.

Academics are not such a problem as part of the apprenticeship you would do Functional skills in maths, english and IT and we have a varying level of applicants with different formal education in training at this time.

As regards age, that is not an issue. All I can recommend is register an interest on the recruiting page and take it from there.

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