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Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Just a quickie from me;

    This is a place for family, friends and serving etc. If you have any queries/questions, fire away but obviously within reason.

    General rules will be regarding PERSEC/OPSEC, no names to be mentioned unless they are public domain.

    No obscene language is to be used; this is a family section of course :wink:

    If you have any advice to hand out that you think is useful, then please post.

    No attention seekers are to post!

    And finally, no abuse!

    This is a relaxed forum and I hope for it to stay this way, if you feel as a spouse not serving that you rather post in here then crack on.

    I will remove any post with out warning if it does not adhere to any of the above.

    On that note, put your feet up and have a cuppa :D
  2. Just thought this might bring back a few memories, it`s one of mine:)
    This looks like the only place to post it.


    I've sailed the mighty oceans, both sides of the line
    I've even seen the Lorelei up the reaches of the Rhine
    I've sailed beneath Orion's Belt and the Southern Cross
    And watched the flying fishes play and the albatross

    I've sailed right up the Hugli to Calcutta's Kiddapore
    And crossed the Indian Ocean to the Port of Singapore
    I've watched sunsets on the ocean, no artist could emulate
    I've sailed beneath the 'Frisco Bridge and through the Golden Gate

    I've seen the sea lit up at night in phosphorescent green
    And St Elmo's fire atop the mast-now there's a ghostly scene
    I've sailed the great St Laurence, in Spring, in Summer and Fall
    And I've watched the seasons changing on my trips to Montreal

    I've sailed the Rejang River to the heart of Borneo
    And passed a splintered island - the remains of Krakatau
    I've saved bread for the mules in Panama when I've peggied for the sailors
    I've seen junks and dhows many miles at sea and great ocean whalers

    I've climbed the Statue of Liberty on stairs that turn and twist
    And seen the town of New Orleans through a Mississippi mist
    I've been to New Caledonia where some tribesmen file their teeth
    And their hair is henna dyed and they don't eat roast beef!

    I've crossed the Bar at Sapele - in the chains I swung the lead
    And I was bitten by mosquitoes and finished up sick in bed
    I've sailed down to Valparaiso and seen thousands of birds in flight
    I've seen ships sailing in the sky - just a trick of heat and light!

    I've seen great icebergs passing by and I've heard the 'growlers'
    I've listened to some old seamens' tales and some of them were howlers
    I came back to the Mersey never more to roam
    And there I married your lovely Nan and we made ourselves a home

    Yes son, I've been to one or two places!
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  3. Top of the class for that one Salty , well done Matey """"""" :roll:
  4. Thanks Dondon :)
  5. Great idea JD - but isn't there a rear party link for this?
  6. Sometimes on the internet a combination of talent and experience merges to produce something special.
    Great poem salty, thanks.

  7. Great poem Salty! Please compose more. Perhaps RR should have a Poetry Corner, Eds?

  8. Thank you , for those great comments,
    I have quite a few poems of the sea
    I`ll bung them on here now and again :)
  9. Love that one mate!
  10. Many thanks for all your kind words, glad you liked it, SALTY. :)

    They lie beneath the turbulent seas in the cold and darkened deep
    Captured in the prime of life they lay as though in sleep
    Victims of the battle and the mighty storm
    Patiently they lie there, awaiting Gabriel's Horn

    They fought a war to end all wars so their people could be free
    And paid the ultimate sacrifice and were claimed by the cruel sea
    They answered the call so gallantly when our country went to war
    And now lie side by side with heroes who have gone before

    There are no markers where they lay but above them the rolling waves
    For these are the heroes who went down to the sea who lie in watery graves
    They sailed the perilous oceans to all parts of the world
    Some were sunk in convoy, proud battle flags unfurled

    Of all the people I have known there have been none finer
    Than those who crewed the humble fishing boat to the Ocean Liner
    Their exploits are written in history and surely 'tis well read
    Of these men who went to sea in ships neath ensigns of white and blue and red.
  12. Cracking stuff salty! More please.
    Thank you.
  13. Fantastic

    Fantastic Salty please keep them coming, Thank you.
  14. Good start.


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