Please Re-Post If Your Post Shows As Blank By Going To Edit Post & Re-Writing It

A gremlin is lurking this evening and gobbling up posts at random. The only cure seems to be to go to Edit to re-write the post. It may be a good idea to copy and paste if necessary any long posts so that you don't have the annoyance of having to rewrite them.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.
Sometimes taking 5 or 6 atempts at edit and retype (although I am now copying each post I make so I can just past it back when I have to retype)
Just noticed something else, if you preview your post (go advanced) it will reflect what is actually going to show, so if you get a blank page on preview you know what you have to do


Err, any word on this being fixed? It's rising in position in the list of things that annoy me...


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Another snag I encounter is when using my mobile phone it won't let me enter text. I don't have Tapatalk - is this the only way to use mobile devices on RR as it doesn't seem to be compatable with Nokia (Symbian) phones?
And the smilies are back! :wav:

Well done Good CO :clap:

oops, can't post smilies even though they appear to be available.
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PLEASE sort it out soon as it is a PITA remembering to copy what was a cracking off the cuff post, only to find it has vanished and you cannot remember what was written!

And PLEASE fix the emoticons - they show on the writing box and preview, but die on the way to the main page.
now the post problems may be irritating but LARGE RED FONT is really really really really irritating and deserving of an iron bar in the knackers.

Should now be sorted - hopefully.

To give an insight in to the issue for those who care, every once in a while our server OS get upgrades exactly like Windows does only 99% of the time absolutely trouble free and reliable, although we limit the upgrade of some key packages. One of the non-key packages has a bug that unusually has made it through the system - PCRE v 8.21. Unfortunately this has come to light while I've been doing family stuff.

So apologies for the inconvenience and as I said, hopefully now sorted.

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