"Please Log in" ??




(My Norton is a current version and in date.)

I am already logged in but every time I change a RR page a dialogue box appears every time instructing me to:

<<...Please Log in. (preceded by a Keyhole Symbol)

Server - api.viglink.com

Message - jive SBS

Username - An empty Box where the Cursor awaits an input

Password - An empty Box

your password will be sent unencrypted

At the bottom right of this dialogue box there is a button choice for "Submit" or "Cancel"


Choosing "Cancel" allows me to proceed as normal and I am still able to post without submitting any Username/Password.

It is rather irritating and seems to serve no essential purpose so, being ever conscious of those "Nasty Phisher-men", could Good/Bad CO or Admin investigate and advise:

Is anyone else affected?

Is it genuine or not?

If not - How can I get rid of it?



Update -

PC restarted & scanned, just a couple of low risk cookies found & removed and hoo-piggin'-ray, panic over: That offending dialog box has now gone away!

FYI - A bit of googling resulted in this post at api.viglink.com/api/click - Straight Dope Message Board

<<...Viglink is indeed a partner of ours; we get a small commission every time you click on a link to one of their clients. The process is supposed to be more or less invisible and doesn't load any software on your computer...>>

I'm guessing its a harmless mini program, attempting to sneak in and gain a wee slice of whatever referral action between networking sites is available for their middle man (in Nigeria:angry4:?).

Anyway - The All Clear has been sounded, my barge pole is stood down to the standby mode; now back at Readiness state 4SQ. Back on your heads!

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