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Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have been researching my Grandfather's history & have a gap between 1942 (entered reserve) & 1956 (discharged dead). I have his WWI & WWII service records and have contacted SSAFA, Navy Families, SPVA, RN Disclosures and Reserve Records at Yeovilton with no success. There are some questions I would love to have answers to and I really want to close this gap.
PLEASE, can someone help me?
There are a few people on here who maybe able to help or point you in the right direction. So be patient and hopefully you may get some answers to your questions
Hi Soleil,
There are quite a few, mainly I want to trace where my Grandfather was between 1942 & 1956.
I would also like to know the following:-
Why was he transferred to the reserve in 1942 He rejoined in August 1939 apparently for 6 years.
Why was he still a reservist in 1956
(With one exception all the people I've spoken to think these are odd)
There are entries on his records I don't understand
Parties to Royal Patriotic Fund DNA3A/E £955/58 21.5.58 (two years after he died).
War Gratuity Paid N.A.(D) followed by a number, does this mean he wasn't paid for some reason?
I hope this isn't too much!!


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Hi melleiha,

It does appear from the information you have provided that at some point after your grandfathers death, his widow/family applied to the Royal Patriotic Fund for funds. They were awarded (DNA3A/E is the referrence number) £955/58 on the 21.5.58.

War Gratuity Paid N.A.(D). When a serviceman was Demobilised he received War Gratuity Pay. The Gratuity Pay was a one-off payment and the amount received varied - the amount paid was linked to the servicemans rank and length of service.

Why was he transferred to the reserve in 1942?
Your grandfather served during WWI and then rejoined in August 1939. He was then transferred to the Reserve in 1942. There are many reasons why he should be placed in the Reserves in 1942, however, the most common ones are age or health.

He rejoined in August 1939 apparently for 6 years. Why was he still a reservist in 1956?
A serviceman may apply to extend his service.

May I ask, what age was your grandfather when he died, and do you know the cause of death?

I hope the above information is helpful to you.

Hi Sweetpea,
Thanks for the info. I wonder why other organisations didn't explain and why they thought it was all a bit odd!!!.
My Grandfather was 68 when he died, I believe from a stroke.
Do you have any idea how I can fill in the gap?
Thanks again.

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