Please help

Please help someone?

I’m off to America in 4 weeks time but flying out with my 2 kids.
About 11 years ago I spent 3 months over the wall for assault and direct diss.

My problem is … Do I declare this or not?

I believe I have 2 options

1. Do not apply for Visa as you have to declare if you’ve been arrested or
2. Get on plain and fill in the visa waiver form and say nothing

Anybody been in the same situation?????

I’m very worried as I know of a civvie who got deprted back to the UK when arrived in USA as he did not declare he had been arrested 16 years ago ?? This would be devastating for my kids if this happened
Is there perhaps a third option? Could you ask the US Embassy, if you wish, "on behalf of a friend" for clarification as to your situation?
You have to apply for ESTA a minimum of 72 hours before you fly.

It can be done online >

Make a full declaration - your previous arrest should not prevent you being allowed entry BUT if you do not declare it and it shows up on the INS screen then you may be denied entry.

Apply for ESTA now and in the unlikely event that your previous arrest presents a problem then you will have time to address it.


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