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Hello I've just joined today and I've heard about this site from a friend, he told me that theres a lot of useful information on this site. However we're both just wondering if anything you post on this site could get you into trouble when your at Raleigh because my friend goes in February.
I wouldn't worry about it, this is a free, PUBLIC forum :)
There are all sorts on here both Officer and Rating past and present.
The only thing I would say is not to get too hung up on the banter. Don't be offended by what's said, it doesn't mean anything :)

Oh, and welcome to the site.
Katy_123 said:
Thanks Jenny_dabber but does that mean that people who have put their dates will get into trouble?
I wouldn't have thought so.
If I was staff at Raleigh and found some of the new entries had been asking questions prior to joining I would applaud their initiative :thumright:
Thank you slim, you've all been great help. However does that mean then that say if someone was recognised from their pictures on this site and/or their posts then they definately wouldn't be in trouble. Sorry if the questions are a little daft.
If the pictures are rude ones then you'd better PM them to me for checking :D

Can't guarantee that you'll get them back of course!

Like I said, this is a public forum, treat it as such and you'll be fine. Don't post anything that could be used to identify yourself if you are worried about the consequences. That being said, have a look at the galleries, like "The Truth Behind The User Name" for instance, and you'll see that we aren't going to get shirty.
Also, we've all posted stuff here in the past that we may regret now, it happens, and none of us have got into trouble for it, as it is a public forum.
Biggest focus for the RN is Facebook, don't post dates of meet ups etc. OpSec is, as I'm frequently told, not a dirty word!

Main issues are once you get there, so don't do anything stupid and post a picture of yourself doing something stupid on Facebook, like a year ago or so, the YOs at BRNC who posted themselves breaking into the tunnels that go around the site or the ones who climbed the clock face. Result, a meeting with the Commodore, negative biscuits.

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