I need some help, i finish Raleigh 30th July 2016. I am looking to book a holiday to leave on the 11th of August, i have recently read that summer leave will start on the 6th of July. Could someone please let me know if this would be a problem or not? I wouldnt assume it would be as it is in the summer leave period.

Also, could someone tell me what happens when you leave raleigh? Do you go straight into Phase two or do you have like 2 weeks home? Thanks in advance


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Assuming you successfully complete Initial Naval Training as planned and there are no setbacks, you can usually expect a weekend off before commencing phase two branch training.

Summer Leave dates can vary between Naval Establishments and can change due to national security issues or even the weather! Last year alone phase two trainees were employed to assist flood defences and last Summer newly passed-out personnel were kept on standby due to a terrorist threat and unable to travel abroad.

The tip is to take out travel insurance that covers unforseen cancellation.

If your pass-out coincides with a main leave period there may well be a break in training & sometimes, if you are delayed in training through injury or repeat fails, there maybe a holdover period before the next phase two course starts. Where did you read about leave on Wednesday 6th July? It sounds like a dodgy buzz. (Wrong).

All foreign leave, incidentally, needs to be approved by your unit. There are 'no go' countries, for example Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc.
I meant 6th of August Ninja. If you search for Summer leave dates 2016 then it will be there. I understand now thank you. I will take out travel insurance just incase.
So realistically you dont think i will be able to go?

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The thing to consider is what is more important a holiday booked at what could be a very busy, almost impossible to plan time, or your chosen career in the Navy?
Make sure you get good insurance, some do not cover anything to do with terrorist and especially terrorist threat.
You could always delay holiday until you know what you are doing, bare in mind with the armed forces that could be years or go early before you start basic training?
NJ what's this they get a week end of between part 1 and part 2 training as the pusser gone soft?

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