On April 20, 1970, in Singapore, my sister Sharon Anne (Sherry) Lawrence was brutally murdered by her husband, PMX888816 Chief Ordnance Electrical Articifer George Charles Lawrence, HMS Triumph.

In order for my nieces and nephew, and me and my siblings to attain some type of closure, we need to know exactly what happened that terrible day. It is my understanding that an unknown man was initially detained, then released. I have also been advised that there were three partially full glasses of beer and a woman’s (my sister’s ?) wedding ring was on a nearby table. I have direct knowledge that Sherry was going to leave George and return to Canada with my nieces and nephew.

I believe that my mother had substantial information as to what happened that day however, she would not give us that information. I am of the opinion that she did not tell us what she knew because it could, in her opinion, reflect poorly on my sister. That angers me because whatever my sister did or didn’t do, she did not deserve to be blown away by a shotgun. Whether she was cuckolding her husband or not is irrelevant, she did not deserve to be murdered. My nieces and nephews did not deserve to become motherless, my parents did not deserve the agony of having a child murdered, my sisters and I did not deserve to lose a sister whom we love dearly. My parents never recovered from my sister’s murder and to this day, my nieces and nephews are terribly scarred by her murder.

I am begging anyone who has any knowledge of what led to the events of that tragic day to please, please contact me at [email protected].

Donna Sharpe
7 Harrow Crescent SW
Calgary AB T2V 3B2
[email protected]

I presume that you are searching far and wide and will have already trawled the internet so you may have already found the “NAVAL-HISTORY.NET†website which includes the following entry for 1970 on the same day as your sister’s death:

Monday, 20 April 1970

LAWRENCE, George C, Chief Ordnance Electrical Artificer (C.O.E.A.) (O), MX 888816, died


Their home pages is: )

Further contact details are at:

I would guess that bland fact is already well known to you but, if you are unable to gain any more information then perhaps an e-mail to that site may result in their primary source for the events associated with those two deaths.

Separately, at the Fleet Air Arm Archive website the HMS TRIUMPH Association contact person is listed as:

Eric Buckner, 12 Freshfields Court, Carlisle, Cumbria. CA1 2TT. Perhaps that Association may be able to help you, too.

I can quite understand your family's sense of loss and imagine that the parents and relatives of your sister's husband will also have suffered from a similar sense of loss.



War Hero
Try the Naval Law Branch at the Ministry of Defence, quoting the Freedom of Information Act - if anyone would have information, they should.
Was in Singapore at that time but on Forth the Submarine Depot ship.
Flew home in June 1970

Triumph was the surface ship maintenance vessel and all her married
crew would be the same as we were from Forth living ashore either in Malaya [Johore] or in Singapore rented accomodation.

If by chance they lived in the Naval Base then the RN would have been involved but ashore it would have been a Singapore Police or Johore Police matter for investigation.

Hope you can find out more

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you for your assistance and leads, which I will follow up. I understand that the UK Freedom of Information is similar to ours in Canada and I think I may have to go that way, although I prefer not to have to as government and military bureauracy can be difficult to deal with.
Please understand that I do comprehend that his family was also terribly impacted and my heart aches for them.
Again, thank you kind people

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