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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by toejam, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. basically i applied for the navy about 16 months ago passed all my tests blah blah blah got my date for the 2nd of september(last week) got to raleigh on sunday and everything was fine then on teusday i got discharged because of a past back injury i had almost 3 years ago!!!

    I informed the doctors of my previous injury at both of my medicals at my local careers office and they said everything is fine and im 100%fit

    Basically im fooking fuming! i can understand if i wasnt "navy fit" 16 months ago cos i would have gone for a different career but to told everything is fine then wait over to get to raleigh then chucked out after two day!

    has anyone got any helpful advice?

    ive totally lost my faith in the navy and i feel like ive been pissed on from a great height
  2. Without being a) a doctor or b) aware of the exact circumstances, all I can advise is for you to get in touch with the liaison officer at the office you went through and have him look into things. There must be a report explaining why you were discharged. There might be other avenues in the RN open. Good luck!
  3. this needs to go to newbies- and get ninja-stokers attention- sorry for you tho babe
  4. sorry it was my first post! i cant be arsed to post anywhere else at the present cos im in a deep state of depression (boo hoo)
  5. Very sorry to hear you story, I too can not give you any useful advice other than to contact you recruiting office for an explaination. I wish you all the very best in the future
  6. That's a ******* disgrace!

    I'd go spare if that happened to me.

    I'd sue mate as this is beyond a joke.
  7. Probably the wrong avenue to take me thinks!
  8. Did you tell them that you'd had the problem at the medical. If not they may have found it out and not been too impressed if you kept it a secret.

    I was refused entry into the RN seven years ago because I'd had a discectomy nine years ago. I wrote to the 1st Sea Lord (OTT I know, but i didnt know who else to go to) They referred me to the senior medical officer who reffered me to a private clinic in London. I was supplied with a rail warrant etc FOC.

    I was asked to take with me details of my injury from my doctor (what i'd had done, had i had any reacurrances since the op etc), a note from the rugby club i played for and anything else that would prove i was fully recovered.

    In London they scanned me, asked me to touch my toes, twist, stretch etc and asked me how i felt when they'd finished. They then gave me the scan's they'd taken and told me to hold onto them for my records and passed me fully fit for service.

    I had to re-do my RN medical, the doctor (who had refused me entry a few months earlier) again told me i couldn't join when i told him about my back problem. I showed him the letter confirming that i was eligable and while he wasn't happy about being overruled but i told him it was out of his hands and he should just concentrate on the rest of the medical.

    Give it a try matey. They are so short of people that if you can prove you are fully fit then there should be no reason for them not to accept you.

    Good luck

  9. Is this a current affairs issue?
  10. Don't see why not, it happened last week, that's pretty current!
  11. Nice 1, I had an affair with my secretary last week, shall I post the details and phots here? =)
  12. Just the photos ... we will guess the captions
  13. Yes please ….some arse shots would be appreciated ….does he wear a skirt as well ?….

    As for toejam ….good try mate but they don`t refuse you for nothing …if you`ve got a glass back chances are, it will let you down sooner or later…..and just look on the bright side you won`t have to go through all that time and trouble now with a protracted conpensation claim while languishing in traction on full pay……
    You wanted to be a sailerboy ......but you failed the medical …end of story...

  14. That was a lousy deal TJ, - my sympathies. Ignore all the other old farts on here and concentrate on Trehorn's helpful and constructive post.
    BH has a good point too. Ninja is ya man!
    Best of luck - let us know how you get on.

  15. cheers for that guys and gals, i did definaitely tell the medical people about my old back injury because i didnt want this exact scenario to happen and it still has! you would have though they would have come to a decision in the 16 months ive been waiting to get in NOT the second day of my phase 1 training.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Bad news TJ. Ooh, I could just go a Mars Bar...

    Were you discharged under, what used to be called the "56 day rule", I wonder?
    (Think they've changed that title as phase one training is now 63 days long, not 56- wonder what it'll be called now?)

    The 56 Day Rule, which is on your Attestation Form (Form S3049 RN: the bit you actually "sign On"). Paragraph 5.1, a) (ii) in green, below;

    "Part 5 - Declaration by Candidate

    5.1 I understant that:

    a) I may be discharged from the Naval Service:

    i) If I have knowingly given false information during the recruiting process
    ii) On medical grounds during phase 1 training
    iii) If I fail the New Entry Fitness Test
    iv) If during phase 1 of training, I am found to lack the attitude, discipline, or fitness to continue in the training environment"

    If a known medical a condition which you were aware of, subsequently comes to light (flares-up, causes problems, re-occurs etc.,) during the first 56 days of training then you are usually discharged under this rule.

    My advice, if you feel truly aggrieved?

    1. PM "Dances With JPA" as he just happens to work in the place associated with Medical Appeals - see what he has to say.

    2. Write a letter of appeal, outlining all the facts, who said what, etc., request a specialist medical by a consultant in the particular medical field in which you were medically rejected, then send it to the Final Examining Medical Officer at the AFCO you joined-up at. You will not get an instant response as it takes quite a while to obtain all your records & for a specialist appointment to be arranged.

    Hope that helps & the very best of luck to you.

    Now, where's that Mars Bar?
  17. cheers big ears! the chocolate treat has unfortunately melted so you will have to do with twix or a pack of minstrels?

    Ive just written a letter to a directorate of of naval recruiting so will have to wait and see.

    I dont have a recurring problem with my at back at all, the medical person at raleigh just asked about it cos it was in my medical records during routine checkups.
    I explained that its fine and the careers office doctor passed me fit twice, she went " ooh wait outside i need to make a couple of phone calls" then low and behold i got discharged

    Someone at raleigh who was sorting out all the paperwork for being discharged described my situation as "slipping through the net"

    To be honest if it get overturned its going to take months or even years to get back in.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This sounds depressingly familiar I'm afraid. The Doctors do not appear to be coherrent or consistent. One would hope that the "couple of phonecalls" were not to the very same people that deal with medical appeals and that you will be considered entirely independently.

    I wouldn't think it will take years to get back in or a definitive answer, months possibly, however judging by your Avatar & all it stands for, maybe you're better off where you are mate. :thumright:
  19. [quote="Ninja_Stoker"[/quote] Judging by your Avatar & all it stands for, maybe you're better off where you are mate. :thumright:[/quote]

    Fair point & well presented!
  20. okok! ive changed it, i just chose the first thing that didnt look like some japenese cartoon.

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