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Another plea as I am surprised by the lack of support from the thousands of members of RR to this request for your input. This is second biggest UK military forum on the internet and I can't even get into double figures of people willing to respond to this thread:

Please, if you get some pleasure from using the site, then take the trouble to read the first post in this thread and put something back in. Almost everyone will be able to help with this request - I really am only asking for maximum half an hour of your time.

A huge amount of work goes in my admins and mods to keep RR running well, and everything is free. I fully appreciate that we get support through donations and word of mouth, but if you haven't contributed in that way then this is how you can pcontribute to the community.

Thanks in advance.


Lantern Swinger
Not a member of many other websites, GCO, but I have added it as a signature onto all of my emails. Hope this helps.
Is this the sort of subscriber list your hoping for?

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Welcome to our newest registered user, EileenWonder
What meta tags are there to bring searches to here. You need to add ones that have no relevence but bring up RR to serious searches, not things like 'sex'.
I'll bet most of the regulars on RR have stuck a link onto their other sites, in their email signatures, etc., but forgot then to send you a SITREP :dwarf: :thumright: :dwarf:
Have tried to make a donation but I don't have a paypal account as my details are similar to some one wanted in the US by the FBI. They wanted me to send my passport and birth cert (not copies - actuals) in order to get an account set up. Told them to ram it.
How can I donate otherwise?
Other websites? You mean there ARE other websites worth visiting other than RR??!!! o_O ;)

Sadly like SPB the websites I visit are inappropriate for advertising RR: for many we might get into trouble advertising ourselves because of our non-PC content! (I use a lot of legal sites on my areas of interest, especially human rights) Also our work website is strictly neutral and doesn't publicise anything exept its own products. Now were they to be a seperate board for naval photography or hifi I might be able to get it publicised from my suppliers.

Like many here I use word of mouth. I have even recommended it as "therapeutic" to a couple of clinicians at St.Thomas's Hospital in London. Of course were we granted permission to publicise that famous pic of two matelots in the buff in both the gay and straight communities we could publicise the site even more! :lol:
sgtpepperband said:
thingy said:
...Bless. Is that what you look like SPB? I've often wondered....... ;)
Oh dear SPB. You're far too camp looking for me. o_O

Actually I must admit that clean shaven men often look feminine to me*, which is why I like ruffy tuffy furry types: they LOOK like MEN. :drool:

*Bar Nutty of course who's just plain cute ;)


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thingy said:
...Actually I must admit that clean shaven men often look feminine to me*, which is why I like ruffy tuffy furry stokery T42 types: they LOOK like MEN. :drool:

*Bar Nutty of course who's just plain cute ;)
You slaaaag! :thumright:

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