Please God not Blears.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Not_a_boffin, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Any guesses as to new SoS now Reid the Weed is at the Home Office?
  2. Ruth Kelly has been moved from Education????
  3. Reportedly it is Gordon's no 2 from the treasury, now does this mean the MOD will be forced even more to jump to the treasury tune or will some one with inside information on how the system works use that to bolster up the MOD?

  4. Never heard of him. Is this an attempt to put someone in that we don't know enough about to have a pop at? :roll:
  5. We'll pretty quickly find out - new CDS, new SoS = time for Brown to play his favourite game of 'Screw the British Armed Forces'
  6. I see Jack Straw has gone as well, I wonder if Condaleza Rice is going to be happy with that , now she's lost her little lap dog. :roll: :lol:
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Beckett has got the job, its a new ploy in place of Gun Boat diplomacy, one look at the ugliest woman in the world will frighten off the opposition. :lol:
  8. Nice to see that Two Jags also got a kick up the arris. That is probably the ONLY sensible thing that Blair has ever done.
  9. Being thoroughly non-PC, then, the Foreign Sec of UK and the Sec of State of USA will both be women. Hope their cycles don't coincide! And I don't mean 'bikes'.

    Do I?

  10. Hmmmm there does seem to be a shortage of uniforms there doesn't there ?

    Still, never mind though, seems to be some quite nice totty in shot tee hee
  11. Did anyone see that newspaper headline on the news last night. Not sure which one but obviously one of the comics.

    Two Jags has been renamed ..."Two Shags" ....sorry folks but I had to laugh....ROFLMAO
  12. The noble order of The Boot for Buff, Condy's mate, Clarky and Ruth! Huzzahs all round!

    Prezza? No work left to do but occupy space, which it could be argued that he's always done well, but no financial loss!

    B LIAR, what are you playing at?

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