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Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by kbb07142, Dec 5, 2017.

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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As long as your prescription meets the minimum standard for entry and is taken less than twelve months prior to entry there's nothing to appeal. If the eyetest is outside the accepted paramenters for your chosen branch or the test is over 12 months old, the only way to appeal is if you undergo a further test that meets the required standard.
  3. So what do I do?
    I admit i am borderline and terrified that if I take this test again then I will fail it and thats it over. A year wasted.

    The test was within a year so therefore I should have passed but the RN medical team is saying if i dont do it again (and pass) then I am not in.
  4. If the situation is as cut and dried as that, the answer is simple : you go and get the test done again.

    The local Boots can't be the only place locally that can do an eyesight test surely? As far as I'm aware they send you to Boots for your official test because the RN has an account and you don't have to pay on the day.

    Check with your AFCO, or indeed Ninja_Stoker, if you can provide a test from any official optician's. If you can, just look around until you find one that can fit you in and pay the 25 quid or whatever they charge.
  5. You can go anywhere to get your test as long as you get the form filled. I went to a different opticians because it would've been a 3 week wait otherwise.

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  6. Go to Specksavers, they let that shepherd in.
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  7. Look, if you fail its beyond anything you can do. Accept it wasn't to be and open the next chapter to your life. A year wasted!!! Surely not. Haven't you been training - getting fit. Practicing for your interviews? If not then yes. A year wasted.
    Putting all your hopes into one career will only end in disappointment. Its like money/investments - never put all your eggs into one basket.
    I know this comes across harsh but al too often people put their hopes into one thing and end up with their hopes and aspirations dashed. Look around - not everyone is in the Navy and they are getting on with life.
    Life too short to worry about just one career. Have a look and see what other work is around that meet your needs. Destiny is what it is. Doors close - another opens.
    Good luck.
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  8. I know you are tying to help but well....

    I would have been getting fit regardless of if I was joining the navy or not, i joined a gym and bootcamp before I even thought of the Navy as a career.
    As for interviews, I had a job, i was working, I didnt need to practice interviews.

    I never did put all eggs in 1 basket, but what am i supposed to do when the Navy has offered me the job, just not tell my company and not turn up to work on the 15th? And if the RN had said that because my eye sight was borderline and I would need to do the check again if I got accepted then I probably would not have taken the risk to continue my application. But they decided not to tell me.

    My point is, is that the RN could have asked me at any time to have gotten my eyes checked again, but they wait until after they have offered me the position. They cant just screw with peoples lives like this. I could have understood if it was something outside of their control, such as I broke my leg and the RN is like "sorry, but we cant really offer you a position with a broken leg" or if I had lied on my form.
    But I have been completely open on my medical form, this is a mistake on their part to have not asked to get my eyes double checked 8 months ago. I have followed the rules, and done everything they asked and could now get royally screwed over.

    Anyway I find out my results in a couple of hours but a change of 0.25 over 8 months (which is very likely) and I am out.
  9. I'm not sure that a change of 0.25 in your eyesight prescription is "very likely" in the normal course of events.
  10. Unless you are diabetic and have been bingeing on Quality Street and Liquorice Allsorts! :)
  11. My eye exam back in April gave me a 5.75 and 6.0. 1 year before I had the checked for new glasses and was 4.75 and 4.75. A change of 1 and 1.25 in 1 year. A change of 0.25 is not highly unlikely in my case which is why if I was told I would need to re-do my eye test I would not have pursued my application. I also did ask if I would need to do it again and was told No.
  12. Look at the opticians doing the test. There are occasionally mistakes and for you to have a 0.25 shift in such a short time would only be likely if there was some serious underlying issue no one has picked up yet. I'm an Ophthalmic nurse and have yet to see this just 'happening' without any underlying pathology.

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  13. Stop hiding behind your keyboard, if your way forward is eye test go for it, avoid stimulant, caffeine, fags, alcohol etc. and get a good nights kip, then go for it, pass your happy fail your life takes anther direction.
  14. Passed

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  15. And relax..........
  16. There you go grow a pair and go for it, just remember not to show up with a white stick.

    Service men don’t sit back and ponder they get up and go?
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  17. Good news, well done :):)
  18. I did think your first post was somewhat ironic.
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  19. So why write and I quote "a year wasted". Your words not mine.

    As stated above. Grow a pair and accept responsibility for your own life.

    You passed next stop the big boys. Try crying over them and see where it goes. Love to be a fly on the wall. Trouble these days everyone wants people to agree with them and when they get answers they don't like the defence mechanism kicks and and name calls and excuses roll out!!!

    You passed - good. More to follow. More hurdles, more medicals and jabs, tests and assessments. It doesn't stop at recruitment. Prepare yourself.
  20. Purple_twiglet

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    Mate, calm down. Its stressful but fixable.

    Secondly, I wear glasses too and know that results on eye tests can vary considerably depending on time of day, how tired you are and what is going on.

    My advice is book two or three more eye tests, do it at a time of day when you know you won't be tired and also talk to the optician and explain what is going on. You'll find them very helpful in seeing you right.

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