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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Harry_off_the_Hermes, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    Just found this site and have spent all day wallowing in reminscences of old pubs, ships, bases etc. The older I get the more I seem to miss it all!

    I was in between 1976 and 1985 and left as an MEM(M)1 (hey, I motored me!). Always guz based except for one summer in Pompey at Sultan on AMC course.

    Worked for a bit in the Two Trees on Union Street on leaving and eventually spent 3 years as an engineer on coasters (home trade).

    Anyway - how are you all doing? Glad I found the site.

    All the best

    Tim (George)
  2. welcom Tim, its all here The Good The Bad and the Ugly.
  3. hi tim might have served me in the trees p.s. im the ugly
  4. If you were in the Trees between April and September 1985, then it's more than likely mate!

    The Landlord at the time was called Yorky (ex matelot), can't remember his real name!
  5. Hi Tim welcome onboard, just one word of advice look out for the dreaded JD
  6. Tim

    Welcome to the madhouse, I suspect you will have fun here.


    PS JD is OK really
  7. Great site , Even the wife likes it ??? The site that is ???
  8. Hey and welcome!
  9. Hi Tim,
    Welcome to the site, i'm quite new myself, really enjoying the site though.
  10. Hi Tim & welcome mate , where abouts in Northumberland do you live , I'm from Newcastle but now settled in Plymouth , enjoy the site , :lol:
  11. Cheers for the welcome everyone.

    dondon: We are just up the Tyne Valley at Ovingham. I'm from the Toon myself though and grew up in the West End before joining the mob at 18.
  12. Welcome Towns.
  13. I was born in Newcastle Gen Hospital in 1955 , joined the Andrew in 71 , left in 95 , and settled here ever since , always a Geordie though , I have loads of phots of the North East in Theatres here at Derriford Hospital in the xray dark room , have to move them soon though , reconfigaration they say , beats me , good to hear from a Geordie , :roll:
  14. Dont know how I managed to get that picture of the Angel on there but I'm chuffed to bits with it , :roll:
  15. Great pic dondon. Did you take that? I was working on the Team Valley when the Angel was being constructed and used to peddle up there in my lunch break to watch it go up.

    This thread is becoming a bit like a Rosyth draft. Hinny bus anyone?

    How do you get a badge on here? I might be able to keep one of those, my last ones were on with velcro!

  16. No mate , it was taken by the Evening Chronicle a few years ago , good phot though ,

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