Plea over aircraft carrier deal


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Papers say Frogs are now after a 2nd CdeG (presumably improved to allow it to operate properly!) far into the future, nuc cheaper than oil etc. So presumably knock-on cost implications for our two.

I do think these were a Blair enthusiasm when somebody explained power projection to him, which appealed to his inner megalomaniac. Brroon's megalomania takes other forms, more about micromanaging everything and everybody at home (while continuing his predecessor's work of deliberately and in detail destroying the concept of 'England' and 'English'). So situation does not look good for the RN - if the carrier spend is (say) out off the cash will go back to the treasury I think rather than the MoD.
The report I saw indicated that the frogs had dropped out as a result of their defence review and massive cuts, if they can't afford our cheapo carriers how the hell will they afford another CDG

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