Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Stirling, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Someone has a new identity.
  2. Am about to strutt Travolta style to my local....retirement, get some.

  3. Mad Mrs Miggins, by any chance? ;)
  4. Yes please!=)

  5. Back,epic, .....HUGE pub,good beer,scran....and, punters to die for, get in, Peter...drinkies ?.
  6. Mornin boss.
  7. Visiting beloved sister am, have fun.
  8. White lie about visiting sister....hope he comes out to play again.
  9. Stunner babe Lauren sussed him early doors.....Mmmm Lauren. I don't have a cellar, I do have a warm comfy...
  10. When my local rag opened a forum within 2 days a geezer appeared, ATG/Cornish golfer hybrid.

    Soon became evident that he had more than one log in, this grew to eight, talking to himself, concur was his favorite word, TWO logins were female, yep you guessed it....pulled one of them online, arranging hols to Umbria yada yada.

    Had to meet him, he agreed but only if his companion could join us. I arrived on time, he arrived 10 minutes late making opology about his lateness and that his squeeze was ill. Had 3 pints of very high ABV ale, offered me a lift into town, nope.

    As he passed me he pipped his horn, 12yr old Volvo tank, his appearance ? manky tracksuit bottoms and top that needed a good dhoby, Eric Pickles lookalike + 4 stone. Former Lib councilor, probably related to Johnny Brahmam.

    Had a couple more in town and when I got home he had his audience lapping up his account of our meet, outed the bastard PDQ.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013
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  11. ...and has been given BAD advice from his associates.
  12. What have I done now? Don't make me mad TT, you wouldn't like me when I get mad! :tool:
  13. Hello. .................
  14. ...and we can all remember the classic from Carole King..It's too late.
  15. Lucky guess, I suppose.
  16. Ofski. ...................
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh. Another elbow biting skip licker.

    Would you like;

    A. To be beaten to death with a fish filled with lead?


    B. Fired into space tied to a sex mad Oran-Utan?
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  18. Request......can we please give it a rest with me, known muckers welcome.
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  19. ...I also tell white lies, hope you are well and rested, attack mode @1030 when I have had a mug of T and delicious first tab of the day.I will piss off after.
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  20. ...................
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