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Playstations to be used to train Pongos!!!

Pongos and X-Box. Are they compatible?

  • Er what was the question again?

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  • X-Box? WTF is that?

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  • Pongos and techie stuff? Ha ha ha ha ha!

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Seriously, folks:

The accidents are mainly caused by the operators who become physically and mentally exhausted during eight hour shifts and lose their "situational awareness" navigating just by the nose-mounted camera in the drone.

I thought the whole point about these toy aeroplanes was you didn't have a delicate pink squishy thing strapped inside to drive it. I can just imagine the steely eyed sky god strapped inside his air conditioned caravan with a flying ration pack and within arms reach of a bottle, sanitary, urinal.

I think the poor journo is also getting confused between the big lumps of kit the Air Force are flying and the hand launched really toy jobs that Percy P has.


War Hero
I dont think many pongos get to be UAV/UCAV operators, mostly crabfats so far, but if they can use sims to get the newer trainees used to the flight envelope and control reponses then why not. As hinted at by the article, most PS/Xbox and PC gamers have far better hand eye coordination than a lot of fighter pilots. So what if you have to feed them pot noodle/hot pockets and red bull till they fart blood...

As for loitering over target for 8 hours, you cant change pilots in the middle of a mish, but with UAVs why not? And AFCS is in most games (autopilot), nothing stopping the MQ-9 operator sticking it on pause while he puts the kettle on...



War Hero
The recent footage of the Crab 'flying' Reaper from somewhere near Las Vegas showed him to be wearing his flying suit. Is there a good reason for this, or should they be more appropriately dressed for an office job?


War Hero
Joe_Crow said:
The recent footage of the Crab 'flying' Reaper from somewhere near Las Vegas showed him to be wearing his flying suit. Is there a good reason for this, or should they be more appropriately dressed for an office job?

I think they get a special issue of mk15T designed for pulling in Vegas...

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