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:( We are in danger of losing some of our most popular games in the RN. When i first joined you couldn't get a look in playing games like euchre, noms and sh*t on your oppo i had to go and learn the games so i could partner with my killick to get a stand easy, but nowadays you will be lucky to find a partner as they are all to busy playing playstations and x boxes and no matter how much you try to teach them it just dosnt sink in. There is only 6 of us in a mess of 50 that know how to play euchre properly and we are all on our way to other boats. R.I.P real games.


I agree - me and the misses actually play SOYO and I taught my mom Ukers - still have my board! It seems thats the only way I can play them now.


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MightyCrash said:
I agree - me and the misses actually play SOYO and I taught my mom Ukers - still have my board! It seems thats the only way I can play them now.
I hope you didn't teach Mum the full version language and all 8O
bill how can you say you struggle to get a partner.
you can always i'm always ready to partner you its just someone else to play against thats always the trouble

i do agree the mess is a nightmare now and they are getting the ps3 and xbox 360 before our next jaunt together at sea so will be worse


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Also, porn was always funny to watch on the old 8mm and someones white sheet strung up in the mess. ;-)

I agree that the old games are dying a death. Handhelds, PS2/3, Xbox, DVD players, Nintendo etc. Used to love a good game of cards every now and again just to piss off those who feel the need to watch DVDs one after the other. Usually the 909 ers on 42's ;-)
Chase the Pisser, the score book in the Parsons Block Common room at Sultan had been running since WW2, I'm sure it was the same book when I returned some years later.
As for Porn on the TV, time & place for everything, Clankies could not see to make themselves a cuppa at Standeasy because the Pinkie Faggots were sitting holding hands & watching Porn all day in the dark.


We will have to knock on the door of the Senior Rates mess for challengers next time at sea Ned, but i do'nt think we will get many offers seeing as we are undefeated champions of the Trench and theres to many young tiffs in there now.
Use to be a member of the second watch breakfast club when i was night work chef which involved watching porn and playing cards. Happy Days. :D


If ned makes sure i'm in the same watch as him, I'll play against you. Thats if you make it back from Nijmegen in one piece. - Love patches


I will have a word with Ned to make sure your in the same watch has him but your wasting your time as me and Ned are the euchre champs and have never been beaten. If you beat us i shall award you with another patch.


People cannot moan about the old games disappearing. I remember when I asked to play on my current draft and a certain galley manager just smiled saying it was 'not just anyone's game'. I am self taught on uckers so I think my say is valid....


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Mincemeat said:
I use to pretend to play it but the contestants are not much up to scratch!
Did you write your name on the back of the board when you were 8 pieced!

I'm still gutted about getting my name on the back of the board after being 8 pieced by a dabber with the IQ of a jellyfish. Never got my revenge, the timber shifting b*stard always managed to get one up the shute. :angry7:


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Uckers, (WAFU rules) and chase the pisser almost made going to work enjoyable. Emphasis on almost.

Suck backs and blow backs. Ahhhhhhhhh better than a Hamlet moment!!!! :thumright:


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My Mother-In-Law, one christmas, suggested a game of cards. "Lets play 'Queenie'!" she said, brightly.
"'Queenie'?" quoth I.
She started to explain the rules.
"Ohh, 'Hunt the...' er 'Chase the...' um 'Queenie' it is, then!"

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