playing with the new RR


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Thought I'd start a thread so we can all practice the new software, feel free to quote, edit, add smileys and generally fcuk arrse about in here.

buggered if I can add a smiley
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Yep.... bold italics etc are on quick reply, you cant access them later

Also it's Bold on bold off with one click IE [b/] so you have to delete the bit you dont want as you go
That's because it is a 'Post Icon', whose job is to denote the tenor of the post as a whole.
Doubtless the COs will get the smileys back up and running soon, but I seem to remember it took a while on ARRSE when they moved to this format. In the meantime, we can always revert to just using txtspk lol ;)
Looks cool, I'm sure with time all members will get used to the new format. Even the Bootnecks!
Mentioning Royals, can we still change the home page/header to RM style? I'm missing my lil' soldier.
Standing by for inuendo laden replies.:winkrazz:
An old git like me will have a few problems I have no doubt,it's like the time we had to return a water bed because the wife said it was too fast for us!
I always logged on under the last 50 posts, has that gone?
starting to like it :happy3: Nice and easy to insert pics.Here's the Jaffle iron for Rumrat
Jaffle Iron, V8?

Old Ratters is still struggling along quite nicely with these, thank you very much:

PS Interestingly, I quoted your Post but that WI picture didn't appear at the Advance Preview Post .....

Edit to add - Nor did it appear in the published post, either - Cry.
I ain't got a clue with this lot now. No smilies, do not know how to "Edit" and even the button to get to the top of the page is gone.
I cannot see me staying on Rumration if I cannot operate the software.
How do you PM etc.
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