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Hi guys

Just a quick question that might seem a little obvious but I don't know.
I'll be joining at the end of April next year and was just wondering what the deal is with having musical instruments.
I can guess they're not allowed at basic training but it's something I'll definitely miss and was wondering at what stage I'll be able to play again.

Thanks in advance!
As you say, none in Part 1 (my lads there now and used to play guitar and keyboard in a band prior to joining).
Part 2, I couldn't say - depends on what establishment and the training regime. I'm sure others on here will advise.

However, on deployment anyone who can play a 'portable' instrument, guitar especially, is in! Sods Operas on flight deck, mess sing songs when all the dvds have been seen!
Of course, I am going back a few years but some of the best memories I have are around a couple of guitars in the mess.
Our skipper on the Lancaster played guitar, we invited him down to play in the Chiefs mess alongside the canman, canman was gutted when the skipper brought down 5 scrapbooks of handwritten music with him!!

Gook luck when joining, enjoy and don't lose the music.
The churches at Raleigh have a piano and a few shitty old guitars knocking about. After the service, we'd be allowed to have a little jam sesh for half an hour or so. I also seem to recall going down to church on the odd evening for a bash on the guitar as well.

In phase 2 training at Collingwood, I had 3 guitars on a stand in the corner of my cabin. I bought a cheap and cheerful 100 quid Cash Converters guitar for taking on ship.

Don't take a nice instrument onboard, it will get trashed when one of your pissed oppos decides to have a go on it.
I cannot work out how the Bandies on the Uganda during the Falklands managed to get all their instruments on board when the rest of us were limited to what you could stuff in a Bergen ... mind there were some tremendous jam sessions on board!
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