Playboy airwoman relieved of duty

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. we dont have birds like that in the britsh forces
  2. I've seen some nice WRAF types in my time :D
  3. I've had the pics sent to me.
    If someone tells me how to do it, I'll post them here.
  4. Top totty or what , mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , :oops: :wink:
  5. Then you can have her.
    All the sh*t flying around today about the conduct of US Forces, and this stupid, selfish b*tch just had to go and throw a little gasoline on the fire.
    She's responsible for training future Air Force personnel, which means she supposed to set an example.
    She was quoted as saying that she hopes the spread will help her career as an actress or model. Fine and dandy. She's served 13 years, she's done her bit. Get out, and go for it. Doing this while on active duty is poor judgement at best.
  6. Michelle obviously knew the way to a (straight) man's heart... sorry for the pun... couldn't resist it! :lol:
  7. Come off it whats wrong with the nude form?
    As for training US personnel, if you don't want her please get her to slap in a draft chit to the list of UK establishments which would welcome her.
  8. Nothing at all wrong with the nude form, Slim. especialy hers. She's hot.
    But the fact is, she signed away her freedom of choice when she put on the uniform. As long as she's active duty, she's responsible for upholding the standards set by the Air Force concerning her conduct.

    I think that tired, old cliche' applies here:
    We're here to preserve democracy, not to practice it.
  9. I see nothing at all wrong with her conduct. She merely posed for a number of nude photographs, which though I have not seen would have thought were of the usual Playboy high standard and in no way pornographic. Now if she had made a porno film then perhaps she should have been disciplined.
  10. B-Y was that the same standards that the USN Flyboys set at a convention in Las Vagas a few yaers ago?

  11. No doubt she'll be charged with being incorrectly dressed or for being in mixed rig?
  12. I would pose for Playboy- just waiting for the call from Hugh.
  13. Gotta love the yanks ain't ya.

    Which would you prefer and also really think causes the least embarrassment?

    Beautiful woman posing for Playboy?


    The amount of American service personnel who do drugs?

    I know where my money lies. :)

    PS: She is stunning and would fit in just nicely at my office in Collingrad. ;-)
  14. I suppose the publication may offend someone who wouldn't have been interested in joining the Armed Forces anyway...
  15. Nutty, Brigham & Slim, you all have valid (if not so subtle) points. What SSGt Manhart did, in the great scheme of things, is relatively harmless and inoffensive.
    I've looked back at some of the old threads, where many of you express shock and dismay over the declining standards in the modern RN (Sloppy dress, mixed rig, no respect for authority, etc.). Well, as an American Veteran, I feel the same way about things like this. Especialy in this day and age, when the US Military is already suffering some major self-inflicted image wounds. This may not be the biggest offense ever, but it is another link in the chain that's dragging us downhill.

    PS: Nutty, are you expecting me to make myself a hypocrite by becoming an apologist for the 91 Tailhook fiasco? Sorry, but that one hit very, very close to home for me, so I have no sympathy for those assholes either. Personal issues there.
  16. Didn't we kick some WRAC into touch a few years back for the same thing?
    Not Playboy, one of own home grown Tit mags.
    I'm sure we did :???:
    Don't bother me either way.
  17. I agree with Bootneck Yank. I like to look at scantily clad totty as well, but it is obvious why she didn't put her notice in or wait until discharge to do her photos, no one is interested in an albeit quite attractive fit girl showing her tits in playboy, it's only the fact that she is a naughty girl and in the military doing something she shouldn't. The fact that it has got into the news and she is notorious is going to sell copies of the mag.
    Let's face it, from a blokes point of view, yeah she'd get it, yeah it's sexy but could any of her students ever take her seriously after that? Nah, of course not, it's hard enough for a woman to get respect in the forces as it is, then dumbass here sets them back another 10 years.
    Good abs though !
  18. Type in [​IMG] after. Should work as long as the url ends in .gif or possibly .jpeg

    .... but don't tell anyone I said so.... :shock:

    I reckon the objection was more about the misuse of the uniform than anything else. The yanks are very touchy about such things, if I recall correctly.... didn't like me nicking one of their caps, anyway.... :grin:
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sara21, if you'd like to post some pics in similar poses I'm sure the panel will let you know if its worth you following a modelling career

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