Plans To Extend Police Anti Terror Powers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by creddly, May 27, 2007.

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  1. More power is exactly what they need
  2. 1984 anyone?

    "If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear"
    How about "I have done nothing wrong therefore don't expect to be stopped by the Polizei whilst carrying out my daily life, getting a possible criminal record for telling them to eff off and mind their own business".

    TB trying YET AGAIN to "leave his mark"!
    Well he already has, he's shit all over this once fine country.
  3. I look at it another way....
    "I have done absolutely nothing wrong, therefore have no objection to being stopped by the Police, making their already difficult job just a touch easier, and acquiring absolutely no criminal record because I wouldn't dream of telling them to eff off for carrying out those duties that they have been ordered to carry out".
    My fear is that these powers will never actually take effect due to the "Human Rights" lobby that dictates what happens in our once-great land. If we are going to effectively combat terrorism, we need to remove ourselves from the Human Rights Act.
  4. I agree with Squirrel sorry Lamri.

    I mean, how hard is it to stop and answer a couple of questions?

    It will take very little of your time.
  5. It is yet another right lost.
    The right to go about my daily business without being stopped and asked what i'm doing and where i'm going which is no-one else's business! It is Police State in action ala Germany 1933!
  6. I can understand your view point, but I'd rather be mithered by the Police than end up with my limbs all over the gaffe!
  7. Don't get me wrong mate, I think that's it's a sorry and tragic state of affairs that has led things to come to something like this, and I can see how unsavoury it looks, but if it removes even the sheerest of cover (before anyone starts, I appreciate that in reality, it will have only a small effect) from those who are doing or planning something more sinister than go about their daily lives, then it is a necessary evil.
  8. Totally agree with the above statement :) but I would suggest that we need to go even further and rid ourselves of this current "government" before we stand any chance of having the powers that are needed to find and dispose of the terrorists amongst us.
    Take those proposed powers out of Police hands, they have enough on their plate what with all those motorists having the blatant cheek to actually drive!
    We need to extend the powers and funding of the MI's , including giving them the right to bear and use arms on Sovereign soil.

    Better yet, bring back Bodie and Doyle ;)
  9. I think that I have the right to live without fear of being blown up. If I am asked a few questions by the police and this helps ensure my safety, then I for one have no objections.
  10. But thats just it isn't it?
    I DON'T live in fear of being blown up!
    I have a feeling that the only thing being blown up is the government blowing the threat up out of all proportion.
    Even growing up in the middle of London in the 70's and 80's, it was just something you got on with, you NEVER let it interfere with your daily life. Why the sudden NEED for all these powers? What is the massive difference between today's terrorists and those PIRA chappies?
  11. This may be true but the troubles with the IRA in the '70s, '80s and so on didn't require such a step where there was a clear and present danger; there doesn't seem to be much of one at the moment, no matter what the government claim.


  12. Fcuk it Lamri....I'm with ya....!!!!!!!

  13. [​IMG]

    Still say bring back CI5 though :)
  14. What about the famous 5?
  15. Joking aside I'm sick and tired of filth like this
  16. Cowley's red Granada, mmmmmmm!
    Always wanted one after watching that!
  17. Don't EVER let it get to you!

    They have the right to protest as long as it is peaceful. If the Police can't see that they are inciting violence with those signs and arrest them, why do you think they should be given the right to stop and arrest perfect innocent citizens?

    If you want to get yourself all in a tizzy, try THESE twats!
  18. Personally, I think it would be easier just to ban ALL religion.

    It's the cause of the majority of all wars.

    So much bloodshed and pain and suffering inflicted throughout history - all for mythology!

    Myth being the operative word!

  19. BINGO!!!!! This was EXACTLY the statement Adolph Hitler used to use when people expressed concerns about his new laws and the Gestapo.

    'If I've done nothing wrong why the **** does the Police want to know what I'm doing'

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