Plans to extend free bus travel (Scotland)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by oberon, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Hasn't this already been announced previously by Boris in London for ALL vets ?

    I wonder if an injured Welsh/Irish/English veteran living in Scotland with his/her spouse would be eligible for this ?

  2. And the irony of it is that it is we, the English, who will be paying for it.
  3. Of course after all no one in Scotland pays Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Fuel Tax, NI or any of the other taxes that Wesminster has imposed on us! The only people who pay all the above taxes are the English, the Irish Welsh and Scots all rake it in off the system! Must let my accountant know that I do not need to pay taxes according to 'wardmaster'.
  4. We ALL pay income tax and all the other taxes. For some reason though Scotland seems to get a far higher percentage of these taxes returned, which enables the Scots to benefits that the English are not entitled to. Similarly with the Welsh.
  5. Whisky, North Sea Oil and Gas! What does England export? Gin? Oh and football hooligans (Yes I know about the Rangers fans the other week but as most Rangers fans class themselves as English they are classed as English hooligans) ;-)
  6. You pay the same taxes as those living in England do, of course. However in England care for the elderly is not free, prescriptions are not free and neither is bus travel for veterens (stand fast London). This is not your fault, it's the fault of the idiots we have elected to Westminster who are slowly, but surely, destroying the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    It is a fact however, that it is not only taxes raised in Scotland that are paying for such things. Therefore, the statement that those living in England are paying, is in a pretty fair one. If I found out the people in the next street were having glass collected from their doorstep, while I was continuing to have to drive to the bottle bank, and that they were paying exactly the same council tax as me, I would be perfectly justified in making a complaint to the council. I very much doubt that anyone would think I was wrong to do so. This is just the same thing on a larger scale.
  7. And Glasgow is reducing the Community Charge for All Veterans, lets hope that it soon applies to everyone, who is a Veteran.

  8. Either this is one country, in which case the rules and benefits should apply to all, or it's a lot of little seperate ones. If that's the case, then only taxes raised in Scotland should be spent in Scotland, only taxes raised in England should be spent in England.
  9. I'm always shocked that people who live in Carlisle have to pay prescriptions - think its £7.10? While 9-miles north in Gretna the 'village people' only pay £5! Now I'm not a Nat in any shape or form and I believe in the Union but something has gone badly wrong. Is it the Scottish Government handles its money better that Gordon and Co? Even under Lairbour things were different up here but I think that may have been the Libdems pulling the strings rather than Jack McConnell and Co. My Mum can travel from Carlisle to JohnOGrotes for free and has been able to do so for about 6-years (why she would want to is another question!), tolls on most bridges were scrapped. McConnell said that ID cards willl not be needed in Scotland and that still stands. New Lairbour hasn't really taken off in Scotland, Bendy Wendy tried but she was so bent she only lasted 9-months as leader! Anyway time to hit the flesh pots of SW19.
  10. North Sea oil is just that; it is from the North Sea. Because it comes ashore in Scotland doesn't make it Scottish. Because bananas come ashore in Southampton doesn't make them English.
  11. The Scottish Parliament don't get any extra funding to pay for any of the benefits mentioned above, they just decide how to apportion the money they are given. If you are unhappy with the way your money is being spent where you live, do something about it instead of whining like WE's.

    Oh, and by the way Whitemouse, where does it say that the free travel applies only to vets who hold a Scottish passport?
  12. Second that oberon, once again it takes the Scots to show you what social justice and moral obligation is all about.
  13. Of course they would what utter nonsense! If you can't lift that chip off your shoulder yourself get some assistance. =)
  14. Correct, it makes them scummer bananas.

  15. pompeyexpat, NI not in the Union then? :roll:
  16. So it belongs to the North Sea? The sea area is divided up and most of the UK oil would have belonged to an independent Scotland.

    Getting back to the original article - it says 'injured veterans' are to get free travel - but then goes on to say that the disabled already get it anyway. So it very much depends on what is classed as 'injured'. Jolly Jack falling over pissed and breaking his arm in Guzz aged 18 is presumably not going to quailify?
  17. Only if you are physically disabled.

  18. It may be, but the fact remains that the correct name is 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. Check your passport.
  19. Bloody hell you are correct, best I wind my neck in on that one. :thumright:

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