Plans continue for U-boat salvage..

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by tabard, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Plans continue for U-boat salvage..

    From the Guardian report

    The wreck of U-778 which lies 16 miles north-west of Malin Head, the most northerly tip of the Irish Republic, has been identified as the best candidate for recovery from among the estimated 116 U-boats that litter the ocean floor off the northern Irish coast.

    U-778 was built at the end of the war and had never seen action before being sunk.

    “It’s about 70 metres down,†said Geoff Millar, a deep-sea diving specialist who is awaiting instructions to descend to the wreck and film it. “It’s not stuck in the mud but sitting on a gravelly bottom. Any recovery operation would take a large salvage platform out to the site and lower slings down to the sea bed that could be slid underneath the submarine and then used to raise it up.â€
  2. I assume it was carrying torpedoes when sunk. Sixteen miles north-west of Malin Head and in 70 metres of oggin. Just about where SSN's and SSBN's regularly transit. Nothing to worry about then!?
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    This was one of the Boats due for scuttling after WW2 but sank whilst under tow to the scuttling ground

  4. Operation Deadlight me thinks?
  5. There was a plan to salvage ALL the U-Boats scuttled in Operation DEADLIGHT when I was at MoD in the 90s, but it was kiboshed by the Yanks - think it had something to with the terms of the distribution of captured assets that they couldn't be used for scrap.
  6. Look why don't you just go and get the one thats on the dockside in Birkenhead. Might be a lot easier to get. Yes all right it is on bricks and has no wkeels but it is a U boat, honest.
  7. Sadley one of the divers had a fatal heart attack while diving on it ,they scatterd his ashes over the site , so i think they will definetly raise it to remember him
  8. Deck Head Inspector,

    It may have been on bricks before but not any more. This is the City of Culture year and we've replaced them with Encylopedia Britannicas so there.

    Red Sailor
  9. think it should be recovered and sold to the chileans
  10. Moved it to John Lennon International Airport matey

  11. Bugger the Chileans... the RN needs more boats..... o_O

  12. U 778 surrendered at Bergen May 1945 . Built at Wilhemshaven? and commissioned 7th July 1944 . Did one war patrol March 1945 in the North Sea and Moray firth .

    Was towed out from Loch Ryan [by HMS Cubitt] and she sank during the tow. 4th December 1945 in Position 11.2 miles Inishtrahull light on bearing 308 degrees. Depth of water 34 fathoms .

    :nemo: :nemo:

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