Lantern Swinger
I'll be doing it again tonight; in my pit.

The 'planks' :) on the train reminded me of weekenders return to Guzz on the Sunday night milk train. Once it had got through New Street at Brum, matlots pitched down throughout the length of the train.
In my days before the mast I was often called a plank; but I've never heard of it in the 'ing' sense! Gerund is it?
ps most of the people that called me the name were, on reflection, correct!


Lantern Swinger
Was at a Rugby match in Oz on Friday night (Reds vs Blue's) for anyone who's interested and one of the dance troup that provided the opening entertainment (used in a very loose sense) "planked" on the field just as they were coming off! Was quite amusing to watch the reaction of the stewards there!
Oh for Fecks sake.....what will be the next 'Craze' on FB.....why can't they just stick to Farmville like me....does nobody any harm and wastes hours on the Interweb preventing me hearing the 'trouble' whinging and moaning.
I went to B+Q (Bauhaus) and the guy asked me if I wanted decking - I floored him! Attack being the best kind of defence!!
Ha ha ha!! But BAUHAUS???? You must have far too much spare cash!! German goods at German prices (plus transport costs) on sale in Spain. Leroy Merlin for me every time (pity they are French!) - or my local ferreteria! Aki is crap, despite being part of LM.

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