War Hero
Its been noticed that this chap has been posting a few bone topics on RR of late. He seems to be a bit of a walt as well . Of course PJM is an RAF term for a guy that teaches parachuting at the No1 Parachuting school at Brize Norton. I say again RAF and not parachute regiment.I have a chum that is a Para reg SGT training recruits at Catterick.Should our Mr walt carry on with his RM baiting and general [email protected] Stirring.I am sure my airbourne chum would pop over to RR to confirm pjm-liverpool is actually a big wannabe. In the mean time lets ignore the knobber .
but he's gonna end up as a submariner come bootie come para come clearance diver come SAS, should we not be scared of him? or do you think his mummy will take the computer away?

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