Hi, I didn't pass my Fitness Test 2 months ago. As a girl my time was to run 1.5miles under 13.15..I ran 1.45 miles in that time instead. I can start booking my next one soon, but I've picked up a slightly torn muscle from playing Rugby. So I'm resting for a couple of weeks..I'm hoping to postpone the run a little but has anyone got any tips for passing it the next time around? Thankyou.
Sounds like you weren't too far off before, what training were you doing for that? It helps to mix it up, so do some distance runs at a steady pace, interval training and perhaps a 2.4km run now and then to check your progress. Depends what stage you are at fitness wise as well, its not good to push too hard too quickly or you risk more injuries. Have you been told when you can retake? Sounds wise to rest your injury, no point making it worse by pushing through the pain.
A few people might not agree with me but for now practise only on the treadmill if you're struggling and til you get used to running that distance. To run 2.4 km in under 13 minutes you should be running at 11kmph throughout the run. So maybe start at a speed your comfortable with complete the distance and run some more after that. You won't get it within the time you need but each time you can up the speed even until you can run at 11kmph and even faster. Although once you pass your PJFT my advice to you is get running outside on a regular basis, because from there on you will be assessed on running times outside. You will notice a huge difference in your fitness and will breeze your times on a treadmill. I agree with Rachelthree though, make sure you rest your injury as you don't want to do any damage to yourself.
For me I found it best just to run my mile and a half as quick as I could on the tread mill. If I wanted to run further I'd just keep going after I'd reached my target. Running different distances just confused my body. ;-)


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When you train don't just run 2.4km. Build up to running beyond that so you have the ability to go further run than the requirement, so when you need to run faster you have the reserve.

It means if you have to you can put a push on and when you do your run on a track and when you join you do the Chariots of Fire bit and finish in style.

Also, give the 'slightly' torn muscle time to recover or you risk making it worse.

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I had never ran on a treadmill until I had to do it for my PJFT I didn't just turn up though not knowing how to use one, I practised at my local gym for the 3 weeks before my test, so I knew what I was doing.
I did find that although I do a lot of cross country running and normally I run a lot longer than 2.4km that when I first used a treadmill I struggled as it felt so weird for me.
I know a lot of people say it's easier but I found it harder no idea why but I'm do glad I practised before I done mine as I still find it hard.
On the day of my test I pushed myself so hard I managed to do it a minute quicker than when I had been practising and managed to get it 1:35 seconds within the time required.
So practise loads both outside and on a treadmill.
I recommend using an app like map my run which tells your speed when your running outside this helps when your on the treadmill as you know what feels comfortable for you

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I also didn't pass my first PJFT, had done all my training outside and found the treadmill much harder. Looking to pass my next attempt in the next 3 weeks or so. I think - due to waiting periods - you can probably afford to train specifically for your PJFT, running on a tread is probably better for any injuries you have (once they heal
) anyway. I got abit of an ankle injury and went for something called a gait analysis, well worth it. No problems now. Looking to do my next run in under 11.00
Good luck.
I found the best way to build up overall cardiovascular and muscular endurance was running on a treadmill with a 2/2.5% incline. I was doing 15mins of this followed by 5mins flat followed by 10mins incline once again whilst preparing for my PRNAC.

My original PJFT was 9:20 on the treadmill.

Whilst at my PRNAC I ran 9:15 around the track in slight wind and rain. Uphill running is your best friend!
Thanks for all this advice its helping loads!!! I've been back to running, the physio said I tore the ligaments in my knee but I've been told I can run as long as I wear a brace so that's what I have been doing!! Hoping to re-do my test soon :)
Has anyone done the PJFT At the gym in Chelmsford want to know if the running machines are in km or miles

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Has anyone done the PJFT At the gym in Chelmsford want to know if the running machines are in km or miles

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This is probably a stupid question but why does it matter? You have a certain distance to run within a certain time whatever that distance is called will affect nothing.
I had mine on Saturday. Target was 11:13 and I did it in 10:20. I agree with most of the above, the assessor told me how fast to run, but nothing beats at least giving it a go on the machine. Give yourself a 'test' by getting on, having a go, and seeing what your result is like. Too slow? Up the speed and try it again. S=D/T which will give you a good idea of where you need to start, but take that figure and add 1/2 a kph on. Just to allow a: the machine to get to that speed, and b: give yourself a comfortable pass.

Hope it helps.


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Everyone has a different method. Recently I've been banging out PJFTs on a treadmill almost weekly just for shits and giggles.

The machine I use is in KMs. I start off at about 14kmh and increase it by 2kmh at around 1km, 1.5km and 2km. This means I'm effectively sprinting the last 400m which is what I'd do outdoors too.

Brings in a time of around 9 mins which personally I'm pretty chuffed with, given the fact that I'm a marginal alcoholic and habitual eater of bacon.
I've been doin practice PJFT twice a week for about 6 week's now and my time is 10.17

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