Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Garyk, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. Hey got a letter in today finally some word! :D Anyways ive to book and sit my PJFT although it states on the letter i must pass this before i can be allocated a joining date. Now i know that has to be done although my question is, does that mean i could possibly be going this year as i thought your pjft comes close to your start date so they know you are fit to join at that time :)
  2. That would depend on your branch waiting time and how long it was since you sat your RT. I take it this is your first PJFT?
  3. CIS passed my RT May last year was told a 2 year wait and yes this is my first PJFT :)
  4. Haha well in a way it is although ive been very patient up to this point but was only curios and thought id ask anyways :D
  5. Your PJFT lasts a year so no you may just take the test and carry on waiting. Once all elements of selection is done your just need an update interview either once a year or every six months along with having to do PJFT once a year iv been waiting since June 09 so I'm on my 3rd PJFT this year.
  6. Maybe you could consider contacting your AFCO rather than waiting for them to contact you, It would show a degree of motivation if you did. Call your Careers Adviser and ask them about the waiting times rather than expecting random answers from a forum. Some branches are being called forward so you might be one of them. Call your AFCO.

  7. Apparently he has already tried that. Their recorded message said:

    'Please hold as all our Careers Advisors are busy just now.......MUSAK...... Please wait until one next becomes available......MUSAK......You are currently Four Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty First in the Queue......MUSAK......All our Careers Advisors are busy just now.......MUSAK...... Please wait until the one next becomes available......'
  8. pmsl !! :laughing2:
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Those intending to 'sit' a PJFT, are likely to be disappointed.

    Strictly speaking a candidate must pass the Recruiting Test, Medical examination, PJFT, selection interview before they are technically accepted and an entry date is bid for.

    Those applicants already "in the system" for some time, may well find themselves moving forward in the selection process as the potential for an entry date looms, however it certainly doesn't assure an entry date this year unfortunately.

    Your AFCO will be able to advise a more accurate guesstimate of the earliest likely entry date.
  10. LMAO.. Your better running it mate, more chance of a pass.
  11. Could be planning to levitate across the line in an armchair at 30mph. Now that id like to see.
  12. If he pulls that off then he's destined for far greater things than any of us haha
  13. The levitate trick seemed to work for me mate, passed :D
  14. Well done, what time you get mate?
  15. 11.05 mins i could have prob done it quicker but the fitness instructor advised me not to lol
  16. from what I hear they wont put you through a PJFT unless you have around a year or less to wait, or I could just be fuelling your dreams and aspirations...
  17. Ive done everything i think up till now, RT, medical, interview and fitness, im not due to start till may 2011, if its sooner then great, it will come eventually just got to stay patient and motivated :D
  18. Are you really complaining about having to wait till may 2011???
  19. Haha, if he is then he has absolutely no idea. :happy7:

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