hey guys,
I have my PJFT tomorrow! I have done the training, and the last run I did I got 10.25! not great I know, but at least its something to work on.
I was just going to ask, is there any final tips you can give me for running on a treadmill? As I have just been doing it around my local running track!

Many thanks,


Your time is fine a pass is a pass, ok we like to be faster everytime but the key thing is a pass mate, good luck and DO NOT FALL OFF thats my tip for you ^~
My guess is you'll find it even easier on a treadmill (thats what i find anyway)
My only tip, when you feel nackered and it's like 7-8 minutes, keep wacking that speed up and push yourself through it knowing you've only gotta do it once (until you actually get into the navy of course :D )
So what speed should i have the treadmill to start on then? :)

and thanks for your replies :)


Is this your first crack at the PJFT? It was one of the first things i had to do, anyway the fitness instructer conducting the test will most probably set the treadmill at the speed needed to finish just within the time needed, if not, if you ask him/her they will probably set it for you. All the best let us know your result.
Yeah its my first time doing it, i done my medical,test,interview,eye test and security clearance in july/august last year! so its the last thing i need to do until he can start bidding for a place for me :)

hopefully its not too different to road running!


Hey guys its been awhile since i have been on and to be honest i have been avoiding the navy recently as its been driving me mad the waiting just cant wait to get in, anyway my question is i have been waitinng since november 2009 and have completed all appropriate tests but was wondering because i was under the age of 18 when i did these tests and they were over a year ago will i have to re do certain ones?
Thanks Notriteintheheed

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