Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by speppy2316, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. epic i have just passed my PJFT first time round with a time of 09:08 next step is the interview,

    does anyone have any idea how long i will have to wait to get the call ?
  2. Have you given the AFCO a bat signal lamp? If not it could be a while.
  3. Well done on passing your PJFT.

    Answer: probably the middle of next week.
  4. When I passed mine the letter for my interview got posted that date and for second class I got it the next day...depends on your AFCO
  5. awesome thanks guys
  6. speppy

    The Fitness Assessors are asked to send in the form within 24 hours of the PJFT and by First Class Post, in which case your CA should have it by Tuesday. He/she will then check out a slot in the diary and get in touch with you. Given that they also have Pres and Tests etc to do, mid-late next week is a real possibility.

    (just wanted to explain my calculation earlier)
  7. awesome i printed out the 6th post and put it into a folder that i am creating with information that i need to know
  8. When I did my PJFT I took my result form to my AFCO that day and they got me there next available date in there diary right then and there! I suppose it varies from AFCO to AFCO. Best of luck with the interview speppy :)
  9. feck me 9.08, i think ive got a bit of training to do!!
  10. cheers holli :D the dude that i did my training said he would email the results to them (don't exactly know how) if not then ill make a copy of the copy and take it to them (if that is aloud)

    builderbambi if you run at 13 kmh then you should pass it, im a runner so i was able to amp up the speed abit.
  11. Ive already passed it im on about bit more physical preperation before i go into basic!

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