Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LeTache88, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I heard that at any point during the application process you can pause things, so does that mean that when I get a date for my PJFT if I don't feel i'm fit enough to pass could I ask to postpone it for a little while?
  2. Not really no, the PFJT must be completed within 28 days (I think) of you passing your medical
  3. I'm pretty sure that's the deal anyway. I'm no expert though
  4. You must book the PJFT within 28 days of your medical or interview depending on what your AFCO says. It's still within 28 days after one of the above.

    Get on and start pounding out the miles, you'll soon pass that part of it easily. After that you will have a long possible wait until you go in so you will have no excuse or problem improving it and working on the rest of the fitness aspects
  5. Cheers guys, do you know as well how many go's you get at the fitness test if any? I'm sure I will be fit enough just making myself worry for no reason I think
  6. Three???
  7. Tommo is correct.

    But mate honestly, its not as hard as you think. Just start training just now, go on the day then run and don't stop. Its no big deal, as long as you pass the thing!
  8. Thats what I'm talking about, Just gonna run and not stop, simple, no pain no gain right lol
  9. Good man, that's the spirit ;)
  10. The tredmill does the work for you anyway.
    Good luck!
  11. the instructors in the gym will set the machine up so you do pass it, they know exactly what speed to start you on, think its 12kph wich isnt very fast on a treadmill
    so as long as you dont stop running you'll be fine
  12. I hate to admit it, but the other evening I was on the treadmill on a warm up, looking to my left at the mirror at the end of the gym (looking at my form, not being vain!)

    Unfortunately I managed to steer off the treadmill and placed my foot onto the side board. Accelerating forward till my groin met the control panel, I then managed to land feet together on the moving bit again, thus catapulting my sweaty form backwards. I looked a right dick. :oops:
  13. That's made my night jonno you cnut :D
  14. ive come close to that myself jonno, usually when im lookin round to see the ladys
  15. Abit of useless infomation but if you set the speed at 17 kph it takes you roughly 8:50. Just found that out today.
  16. I'll just have to take your word for it mucker :D My best is 09:47, and probably always will be!
  17. Its not that hard to do, I did no training in December (sorting out Xmas and family stuff, plus a few doses of the cold, flu and assorted stomach bugs my wife brought home from college) passed my medical in January and got 10 days notice of my fitness test date...still managed to shave 40 seconds off the time for my age group, though I was an interesting shade of red by the end. So it can be done.

    I just wish there was a cycling option...not so hard on the knees and less reliant on technique (to be honest my running technique is utter rubbish, I like running, I am just terrible at it....cycling and rowing on the other hand I am better at and dont like like an utter twonk in the process, or trip over my feet when I try to run sideways...)
  18. Ohh no i was not on it, that would be mad. The gym was empty and i had a burning sensation of finding out how fast to run to get under the 9 min mark, and now i know....so SOD THAT.
  19. Here's another useless bit of trivia for you all. If running whilst listening to music and keeping at the same pace as the beat, if you run at 169bpm then you get a ten minute mile and half. For a 9 minute effort you want 171bpm.

    I've fallen off a treadmill too. Was watching snooker.
  20. I was really panicking about my PJFT, I left it to the 25th day after my medical to do it (so I had 2 more potential tries if I failed). Spent all that time training and when it came to the test I did it in my personal best time. It seemed like the adrenaline of the moment gave me the edge. You can do it. If you have the mindset that you'll blitz it, you will. Go through the pain barrier. It's only temporary.

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