Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Toucan, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Got my letter yesterday regarding the PJFT. From what I've been told, for the RN it's a matter of simply running while the Fitness First PT presses the relevant buttons.

    I can currently run the 2.4km ever so slightly faster than 12 mins 20 seconds. Is there any advantage to doing so? If it's not going to help I'd rather keep my head down and just do as I'm told.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah, you get it done quicker and the AFCO are suitably impressed.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The PT staff will set the machine to achieve a pass, it's up to the individual whether they wish to increase the speed to reduce the duration. Borderline passes may well give rise to concerns regarding the individuals' physical preparations and indeed motivation toward joining the service.

    In any event, those that do not continue to improve overall fitness prior to joining will make phase one training unnecessarily difficult & unpleasant.
  4. Thanks for the clarification!

    I'll make a best effort...
  5. just start at a comfortable speed then maybe put it up if you feel you can do more... just run the best you can! i start Raleigh in one month mate and fitness is one of the best important things down there! just pound them streets best you can...
    good luck!
  6. Don't neglect strength training, by the way.
  7. Another fitness test thread? Still I'll bite.

    It depends on how old you are. The PASS scores are these:

    Age Under 25s Under 30s Under 35s Under 40s Under 45s Under 50s
    2.4 km Run Time 11m 13sec 11m 38sec 12m 05sec 12m 34sec 13m 02sec* 13m 34sec*
    MSFT level 9.10 9.03 8.07 8.01 7.06* 6.10*
    VO 2 Score 46.4 44.4 42.4 40.4 38.4 36.4

    Age Under 25s Under 30s Under 35s Under 40s Under 45s Under 50s
    2.4 km Run Time 13m 15sec 13m 50sec 14m 28sec 15m 09sec 15m 52sec* 16m 41sec*
    MSFT level 7.03 6.07 6.02 5.05 4.09* 4.04*
    VO 2 Score 37.5 35.5 33.5 31.5 29.5 27.5

    Be aware though that there are various grades of pass once you are in and for an Under 25, 11:13 is a bare pass. Incentives for doing better:

    You will be fitter and better able to cope with training and life in an Armed Service.
    You wont get beaten by 42 year old farts like me (9:46 last time).
    The fitter you are at the start the more likely you are to stay fitter as you get older.
    The RN is slowly starting to take the RNFT more seriously with bars on promotion for people not in date etc.

    Only got half way onto my hobby horse .....
  8. I know what the standards are, I was just asking for clarification on whether or not it was wise to try and beat the time or to leave the treadmill alone during the PJFT.

    Strength and fitness wise, I split 7 training sessions over 4 days a week, running/boxing/lifting. When I said "slightly better" I meant <10 minutes.
  9. Ensure you can do at least 25 Decent, slow controlled press up's before you arrive at HMS Raleigh. You will have to do them to a tape - up 2..3 down 2...3... same for sit ups but you need 40 i think with your hands never leaving your temples. Do some sprints too.
  10. Got my letter today and booked it for next tuesday cannot wait! The ladies times are easy but still a bit nervous :?
  11. Just passed mine this morning. As a 22 year old female I had 14.35 to complete it in. I passed with a time of 14.13 and spoke to my AFCO straight after who were happy with it. I told them I was a little disapointed as I can run it faster than that but the WO I spoke to said it was all about passing at this stage and he was more than happy with that time.. So I suppose it all depends on what your CA wants from you...
  12. Aint used treadmill for years. i find it easier running outside on track/roads. Currenbtly at 11.24 after a bad dose of man flu so can only get better lol
  13. Did myn at 11:24 last time, The fitness first instructor was really pleasent even though I wouldn't shut the **** up while I was on the treadmill. Aim to do the Marine PJFT for shits and giggles (And to make Raleigh easier). Did it last week at my local gym, hit the 12:20 part at 12:13 and then took the minutes rest and just legged it for the second part at 9:47!

    However I was a broken man the next day at work... but it was ******* worth it :D
  14. Yeah saw some dude doing his PJFT at exeter fitness first the other day. I admitt i hate treadmills, just find running outside to be more motivating. Currently running 11.21ish so far
  15. Just thought I'd say, the instructor I had at Fitness First tried to get me to run it in 13minutes which I understand isn't the fastest, but it's a minute faster than I've ever finished it. He kept trying to mess with the treadmill and make me go faster. I knew if I did I wasn't likely to finish the run as my fitness has never been the best and I've always run to the same format - start off at 10kmph before whacking it up to 11.5 for the last two minutes or so. I know my fitness is something I need to work on and tried to explain that as long as I passed the PJFT I knew I then had the luxery of time to start cutting seconds and possibly minutes off but he wasn't having any of it until I told him to leave my plan alone. I suppose what I'm tryin to say is that if you go with a plan of how you want to run the run and you know that by following that plan you will pass then stick to your guns and don't let them try and change it!
  16. But if the instructor can see you aren't pushing yourself to the limit and is trying to help you cut time off, then you should just go with it. The final time will be better than it would have been without having someone to push you. If that was your plan then you also had the luxury of time to cut minutes or seconds off before your PJFT aswell. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
  17. Well no one had better mess with my buttons, will snap their flippin fingers off! :lol:

    Good luck Toucan, Just push it and keep increasing the speed as your breathing starts to get more controlled at each level...Don't be comfortable you only do this once so run like FOREST GUMP!

    Should have mine on Thurs, at 34 and a bit fit, ran it in 10.50 yesterday and I know I can get that down still, and will keep the training going to get proper fit, like the iron men on here who run it in 9 mins or less :strong:
  18. Top Tips!
    Tip the First: You're meant to replace running shoes every so often. I hadn't. I replaced mine and running is now much easier. I'll be able to continue improving my time with less drama.

    Tip the Second: Even if you train regularly, use the provided vouchers to try the gym where you'll be tested. I've found there is variation between treadmills between gyms, possibly due to calibration or variations in the surface. It's not normally enough to make a serious difference but I wanted the peace of mind of actually checking. I know now, for sure, that I'll pass the RNFT at the gym, on the day, leaving me free to fret about something else.

    Edit: I'd been at the vino when I wrote this originally. I'm sure it made sense at the time but in the cold light of day it's an awful piece of prose. Rewritten.
  19. third tip! VERY IMPORTANT!!! learn how to controll your breathing it is one of the most important factors to achieve your desired time! two months ago i was struggling to run 2 miles then other day i ran 8 miles without stopping just cause i can control my breathing! just pound them streets it will come!

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