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  1. Just came back from PFJT.

    Im 1/2 stone overweight and have run once since last May.

    I ran 9mins 56 for the 2.4km.

    How does that compare to the average?
  2. Pretty average tbh. I'm 5'7'', 2 stones overweight. I myself ran a practise time of 8 minutes, 50 secs in tracksuit and sandals.
  3. Really?


    Am I being gullible? Is your name Mo Farah?

    I mean practice, tracksuit and sandal.

    So if I factor in your focus, grit and then minus the tracksuit and sandals.

    It sounds to me like you would comfortably run sub 7mins 30.

    Which means your five minute mileing?

    Fair play. I didnt realise the average where 5minute milers.
  4. That's quite impressive. I run at least twice a week and I struggle to get under 10 minutes.
  5. I'm yanking your crank, everything's true except the weight. It's actually 3 stones over ;)

    I can achieve the PJFT but not by an impressive amount. 2 stones overweight from lifting, about a 10-3 on the MSFT. Not about to stop the lifting for the sake of better running, it's a slow process for me and I'm getting better every time.

    Yours is a cracking time, wouldn't worry about it at all unless you're for't booties :p
  6. What you said. I am 168lb and 5ft 7 though. Do more lifting, %8 bodyfat, kept it low from running, I have only started to do it again because of the PJFT.
    Most recently (two nights ago) I got 10min 22. I have 2 weeks before my PJFT and plan on getting it under 10minutes.
  7. Haha! Negligible differences there then, I'm 170lbs spot on but would I feck give up the ability to bench 110kg+ for the sake of making like France a little quicker :D

    I mean, you're 5'7'' and big 6ft+ guys get out your way or become all apologetic when you ask how many sets they have left, you know you're doing something right! Glasweigen accent and a perma-scowl do help though!

    Fantastic work on the running time there mate. My best was 10.40 a number of months back but with the weight piling on and my neglecting the running side of things I'm probably looking at 11-something. Roll on my 25th for the extra time ;)
  8. You should see the like of Dwain Chambers, Craig Pickering, Usain Bolt and even Tyson Gay lifting. Gay with his slim build at max 73kg can do some impressive lifts.

    Check these vids of DC squatting and box jumping.



    They will be at least be able to comfortably lift 110 up to 140/150. Thats why I love Athletics. Immediately you think boxers/rugby player tough hard and strong.

    BUT I saw sprint track athletes regularly out Power Clean Bath RFC academyand first timers in our Uni gym.

    Lifting is as important as running and vice versa. Even if your a distance man you can still do weights.
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You pair of bummers get a hotel room, and you can show each other your pecs. Catherine Cookson could use you as source material for her next book. :wink:
  10. You love it really you closet hermer :wink:
  11. I done my PJFT today.. and found running on a tredmill COMPLETELY different to running on the road.

    I ran in in 11mins 48secs.

    Where on the road i run it in around 10min 30secs.(I do a 3.5mile circuit,so i run at a low-ish pace anyway.)
  12. At the peak of my bulk (190lb) I was benching 125kg as my 1 rep max. Squatting 180kg and curling 30kg for reps. Shame its dropped so drastically when I decided to do my cut. Bench press now (freeweight) is somewher around 90kg, and squat is 140. I stopped the whole "bodbuilding/weightlifting" thing. It messes you up psychologically haha. Getting more into the cardio and bodyweight/strength ratio. I am looking forward to the tests where we have to climb ropes/press ups/chin ups. I am going to find them a peice of cake ;)
  13. Congrats and tell me about it!!
    My first serious time on a treadmill was a few weeks ago and I got 12min 11 or something, mind you, I was setting that as an example, as I didnt know what times I would have to run, what speeds, what incline etc.

    Is PJFT on flat level, or is there a gradient? I have a friend at school and hes joining the army, but he gets to use a track. I am so jealous haha
  14. Flat level :)
  15. That's a good time. I did my PJFT 3 days ago and I got 9:51 but i'm an old man at 30.

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