hi all bit of trivia for anyone who likes maths and number crunching what spped should i set treadmill at to do my fitness test my time that i have to do it in is 13:18 but can do it quicker i think i've worked it out that about speed 11 should give me the time i need. Any one know the calculations i need to work it out as i dont want to mess it up. I know the answer i,ll get is do it at the pace im comfortable with but i also dont want to do it too slow and have to put in a run faster than i'm comfortable with to get on time.
Speeds vary from machine to machine. Trial and error is a good way of finding out. Try it a few times if you have access to a runing machine prior to the PJFT. If you can already do it faster then 13:18 then just crack on and do it. SIMPLES
Problem is i aint timed on treadmill if it was on road then yeah as you say simples, unfortunately it aint the case i've also heard that if i set treadmill at an incline of 1 that will give me a better run i'm already going to be pushed for time as currently i have an injury forcing not to train so my fitness is dropping by the day.
ok thanks just got to get my recovery sorted now and train hard to build my fitness back up hopefully i will be able to get it done in about 2 weeks and hope my injury doesn't reoccur.

come you hoops.


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docherty said:
ps: rangers are shite so theres no need to worry there.
docherty, if you feel like dribbling I suggest, kerrydalestreet.co.uk or followfollow.com.

Keep that nonsense off this forum.

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