i tore a quad about a month ago and my training has been limited, i have my pjft in about three weeks and am worried that i might not be up to standard after my layoff. I am now training but under medical advice ie not pushing to hard. If the worst happens and i fail what will happen then? i know i get another chance but whats the time frame?

Im sure i will smash it but the "What if" is playing on my mind!
How hard are you training right now? Could you run the 1.5 miles in 12 mins and not exert yourself? You could give that a try. The best advice though is to do nothing which will injure you further.

I got a sheet explaining "what to do in the event of injury" when I was handed my pjft form. Did you? It basically said to contact the AFCO and discuss your options.


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just tell them you've got an injury and re arrange it mate, I think that your joining date is determined by the day you first applied so shouldn't delay you too much? however I'm not sure about that, either way just delay the test till you've recovered and can run it easier.

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