Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Gav_17, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. awrite i have my pjft tomorrow and i was wondering is it better to get under the joining time or the raleigh time :?:
  2. awrite? :?
  3. Hello then?
  4. mate I am supposed to be the clown on this forum (or nails) so back off! ...
    lol well use your initiative!
  5. I'd advice you to do it in under 9 minutes.
  6. whats the raleigh time?
  7. Think its 10.30 mate, or 11.30 but its still blooming poxy!!
    I got mine eventually down to 8.37 in the army.
  8. Same time as the rest of the UK :oops:
  9. its 11mins 13secs
  10. Yes but try and get it under 9 minutes, i can run it in 11mins 17 seconds and i'm a girl
  11. No no no no no!! Back in my day we used to run a mile n half in 6 minutes at least!! lol well get it as fast as you can, the quicker the better because it shows enthusiasm.
  12. And your name is Roger Bannister, is it?
  13. Quick question:

    I did a practice run of the PJFT- on a treadmill- about an hour ago and did it in 11:13.

    However, that was starting at 16 kmh and having to alter it between 14kmh and 16kmh 2 or three times as well as about 50 seconds, in total, of brisk walking -about 8kmh.

    Are you allowed to fiddle with the buttons on the real PJFT or do you have to run consistently? It might sound bone, but it's important to me ;)
  14. I was allowed to fiddle but your best bet is to just find a suitable speed for you, I did 15.5 and managed 9:28. If you can manage to carry on without that 50 second break you'd be around 10 minutes or so. Keep it up zoidy! :D
  15. Cheers, Adam. Well done on your time :)
  16. Why don't you try starting at the slower speed and building it up instead of starting quicker and having to slow it down and mess around with it all the time?
  17. The personal trainer bloke in the gym set the treadmill at a speed that'd get me through in 10 flat, but I cranked the speed up after a bit because I didn't find it too difficult. I did it in 9:18, and the guys at the AFCO praised me for my initiative -they said most people set the speed at just fast enough to get you through. I could've got a better time if I hadn't been lazy to start with.

    My advice would be just to do it in the fastest time you can, at the end of the day it's only a mile and a half, and you have all the time you want to rest when you're finished.

    Good luck!
  18. I have to mess with it regardless, I just have to mess with it less at a faster speed(?). I think it's because I can regulate my breathing better when I'm going faster.
  19. Here's how it went for me, got to centre early got given a locker key and got changed, interestingly my fitness first asked for a tenner for a deposit for locker :s but extortionate I think. Once changed I got told to stretch up and have a warm up, then all my details were taken, height chest size etc. once on the machine I was set a minimum completion time which I duely upped a little, half way through realising it was still a little easy I upped it a bit more and more till I was virtually sprinting at the end and I got 9.50

    My advice to all would be practice it on a treadmill and find out what speed you can run at for the full mile and half. If you pace yourselves you'll get a quicker time, all this tinkering is nonsense and if you find that you're still gonna beat it easy at the end then speed it up then.
  20. This is correct. If you start out too fast and get a stitch or just tire yourself out, you're going to find the rest of the run hugely unpleasant. Start off at a pace you know you can maintain then if there's anything left in the tank at say 3/4 of the way through then go faster.

    You're not going to get any medals or a pat on the head for doing your run in 7 and a half minutes, you'll be treated the exact same as someone who did it in 12 minutes, it's a pass or fail test.

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