Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Green90, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi ive had my selection interview today and have passed all my medicals and what not. But ive got my PJFT next week and ive got the form's for this and it doesn't mention anything about the situps and push ups that i have to do, it just says i have to complete the 2.4km run? There is only a box on the form to record the time i took on my run? Is this right as ive been preparing for the situps and push ups.

    Thanx in advance.
  2. PJFT is just the run, no sit ups ect involved at this stage, got my pjft on thurs so hope all goes well
  3. Doesn't hurt to get ahead of the game before you join mate, but it may be a good idea to listen to the brief and/or ask questions at the appropriate time.
  4. Just to make sure you know, you don't fill in the time the guy at the gym does. So don't write anything in the box.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just as a point of idle interest- the RAF, who adopted the RN PJFT do assess press-ups, etc in addition to the 1.5 mile run.

    So far as we're currently aware there are no plans (yet) to incorporate additional fitness elements in the RN fitness test but there are rumours afoot that potential RM commandos will do two 1.5 mile runs for their PJFT. (Times have not yet been published, but my guess is the first 1.5 miles will be completed around 12 mins and the second run, after a brief pause in under 10 mins 30 secs - again I stress that those times are pure speculation, but potential RM recruits would be well advised to train to those standards or better anyway)
  6. Re the x2 1.5's, sounds like the Army BFT (Basic Fitness Test) that was in use in my day (no doubt still is). 1.5 as a Squad Run and then 1.5 as a Personal Best.

    Makes sense to me that a RM recruit should be expected to be fitter than a RN recruit due to the duties they would carry out.
  7. Green90 you are thinking about the PTA test that takes place at Raleigh. I don't remember the exact amount of press ups and sit ups required but I believe it is about 23-25 press ups and around 30 sit ups. Nothing too taxing...
    As for the PJFT you shouldn't have a any problems with that, at 25 I still haven't got anything more than 9 mins 30 secs since I joined up.

    Good luck mate!
  8. PTA is the 2.4km run, PTB is the sit ups and press ups. Currently, for men, is at least 23 press ups followed by 39 sit ups. All this is done to a beep rhythm, and is personal best. The beeps can be found on the Army web site. Note that it is a lot tougher than just banging out 23 press ups and 39 sit ups due to the low cadence....Get stuck in to it!

    (both done after you join)
  9. Aye, thats the same as the DPFT. Iv completed PRMC as well prior to joining the diving branch and during that you do a 3 mile run, but its effectivly 1.5 as a squad, 1.5 max out with no rest inbetween.
  10. Thanx for all the info, been a great help. Been doing practise runs at the gym and fastest time so far has been 10:50 so should crack it. Can also do 50 sit ups in 2 mins, but still building up my arms for the push ups, can usually manage around about 20, so a little work to be done.

    Thanx again.
  11. Teddy's spot on mate, it is harder to bang them out to a beep than just going for it. If you can, find a recording of the beep test (you must be able to download it somewhere) and take it to Raleigh with you, that way you and your new mates can practice in the evenings.
    The amount required isn't difficult, I'm an old sod and I did 40 press-ups and maxed out on the sit-ups and I wasn't very fit at the time either! You also have an oppo holding your feet on the sit-ups so that makes it much easier.

    There seem to be so many newbies on here worrying about the fitness side of things (I know because I was one!) but my advice to all newbies would be to focus on ironing and time management. 99% of the time these are the areas the new recruits struggle the most with. :thumright:
  12. LOL i hate ironing.... i cant wait to finishe college ditch the RMR and go down to ctc for an 8month haul just to get shouted at cause my ironing is s&!%e. mind my personal admin is in good order but thats cause of the small amount of training i did with RMR.

    try to get your time down to under 10 mins then you have a few more bragging points i had it down to 8.53 ish on the ground having never been on a treadmil in my life then on the actual PJFT for the reserves i did it in 9.40 ish don't know why though i effin hate treadmills though
  13. found this in google after searching for pre joining fitness programme.

    When you go for your fitness test if you want ask if they will do your count your situps, pressups they will be more than happy to do it for you if you get offered go on RNAC because you do it there as well which helps and then you can tell if you have progressed.
  14. does anyone have the link to the part of the army website where i can download the bleep for doing press ups and sit ups to??
  15. I am pretty sure there Is a link on a post on here where you can download the bleep test have a look mate.

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