hi all

what happens if you don't pass the PJFT? do you get a second chance?
how long do you have to wait for if you do get a second chance?
please can anybody help?

thanx ship_rat
You get three strikes me thinks, but if you still can't manage the time after that I’m sure you can pay for the test itself and do it to your hearts desire! It won't look that good however and I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way. Pass first time and it will make your life a bit easier. :wink:

Just get on that treadmill and run your ass off! :lol:
phil1972 said:
Pre Joining fitness test, dead easy really (the test that is!)

lol Well nobody should fail it more than once to be honest.

I'm only skeptical because I can't picture in my mind how a tread-mill works.

I've only ever run on REAL surfaces and not a hamster toy.

I keep thinking I'm gonna slip off it! lol - How does it work? I know you go faster by pressing a button, but won't you slip whilst pressing that button?