Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by macca96, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. Hi I have my PJFT in the week and I go to the gym 4 times a week and play football could anyone tell me if the instructor sets the speed on the treadmill or do I have to set it myself ?

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  2. The instructor advises you of the speed you need to go to achieve a pass and sets it for you, however, once you get going you can change the speed as you please.

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  3. I have my fitness test tomorrow and I'm not sure what speed to run at to pass my mile and a half in 10 minutes 40 seconds can anyone help me?

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  4. 17 mph would do it, simple space time problem (unless I've got it wrong :) )
  5. 13.5kph so set it to 13.8 and you should do it in 10.30 but you should be aiming for a faster time not a scrape pass.
  6. Sorry to steal this thread mate...

    I have successfully passed my medical assessment and have now been given a date to do my PJFT (Monday 14th).

    I am seeking advice on whether I should go flat out and get the best time possible on my PJFT or play it safe and run it sensibly. Also does the time with which I pass the PJFT effect my start date for HMS Raleigh?

    The time with which the run must be completed in is 11:09, and if I go flat out I'll be able to bring it in around 9:45. Or if it's worth playing it safe I'll be able to comfortably run a 10:30 time.

    Any advice is much appreciated thanks.
  7. It's best effort so that what you should be looking to do on all tests.
  8. Thought so mate, do you know if time effects your start date for Raleigh?
  9. I wouldn't have thought so as long as you complete it under the time limit but I'm not an expert so don't hold me to that! If your not hanging out your arse at the end of it then you could have gone faster.
  10. Right... I'll bare that in mind, thanks for your time anyway buddy

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