PJFT Treadmill setting

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Firstly please accept my apologies, these questions have probably been asked countless times beforehand but I have been finding different times so I just wanted to check the information I am going off is correct.

I have been training in strength and running for the PJFT. I have yet to sit the RT (next week) so I am trying to improve my fitness ready for when the PJFT comes. I am of a very small build and strength at the moment is not great but I am attending the gym 3 times a week, and with the aid of a personal trainer and some protein shakes I am hoping to improve this by the time I take the test.

I am 24 years old so am I correct in thinking the pass time for the 2.4km run on a treadmill 11 min and 13 seconds? Sorry this may sound obvious but I've found posts with different times.

Also can I ask is the treadmill pre set at a certain speed or do you have to set this yourself? The reason I ask is I believe the test is taken at a Fitness First gym and the gym I use is Pure Gym so I want to make sure if I have to set the machine speed myself that I am using the correct setting to ensure a good time and pass.

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Just go out and run it on the road - if you can do it in the right time outdoors you wont have to worry about the treadmill. Google RNFT Protocols to find out everything you might ever want to know about the RN Fitness Test. Aim at the right standard and you will meet the pre-standards.


Training for the 2.4km is best done by running further, or doing shorter distance sprints. It's a test not a training regime.

If you can do it on 14 then you'll be fine. Ditch the protein, and workout more than 3 times a week, because that stinks of RAF.
They put you on the treadmill and you do it yourself. They'll have someone stand there watching you for the duration of the test.

As SEP86 said you'll definitely get more out of training on a road. Find a 2.5 - 3 km route and run it regularly - just use the treadmill to get used to what speed setting you'll need. There's the chance that the treadmill will be slightly different at FF (I was lucky enough that they had exactly the same one as the gym I used at University) so get used to being able to judge s=d/t if you find halfway through that you chose the wrong speed!

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