PJFT: To pass or to get a decent time?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mikko, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi there, I have been silently watching and reading for a while now waiting to make my first post...

    Passed my medical last week and need to book my PJFT. Perhaps a stupid question; How important is it to do well rather than simply just pass it?

    Are you more likely to pass your interview if you impress with a belting 1.5mile time?

    I'm wondering whether to train for a few more weeks or just get it done now. My limit is 12.48 and I'm currently around the 11 min mark

  2. Just bloody pass the thing!
  3. I would think that just passing it is fine, the interview is graded on your respond to questions asked

    I don't see why getting a better run time would help the you to pass the interview
  4. Why don't you just do you best. If your best ain't good enough then work harder, if it's good enough then you don't need to worry.

    If you end up puking your guts up even better
  5. i can walk it in 11 mins.my best time is 8.32 mins and i'm 32
  6. Well, my pass time was 11.07.

    I wasn't walking.
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  7. Walk at an average 8.2mph ish? LOL

    You must have really really long legs to walk at a pace at that speed
  8. Lying moron.
  9. my CA advised me (off the record of course) to not exurt myself to achieve the fastest time possible. instead he said to pace myself and pass the test around the 11 minute mark, that way when i get to raleigh i can easily get a faster time than in my test and show the instructors that my fitness has been improved while ive been training. obviusoly this will only work if you're fit enough to be able to complete the 2.4km easily within that time frame without being tired...if not just keep running and worry about cathing your breath when you're done :wink:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Mate to be honest, just go out and pass the thing!
    Thats all that matters! :)
  12. My advice is to do your very best..............don't just aim for a pass. You don't get extra points for a fast time but it sure makes you look like a good candidate for the RN.

    I did my PJFT in 9:51 and i'm 30 as well.
  13. cheers guys for the advice, I'm going to book it for 2 weeks time and just train like mad before then. I am a cyclist and race mountain bikes, but when it comes to running my legs are pretty feeble!
  14. Well I did it and I have to say to anyone worrying about it like I was that it's completely different when you are there doing the test to any practice runs you've done.

    I managed 9.51 with my previous best being 10.35

    cheers for the advice earlier.

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